Mizmor – Wit’s End

The very landscape of all that can be filed under evocative doom that takes more than a few cues from the realms of black metal has expanded exponentially in recent years with throngs of acts coming out of the woodwork to craft harrowing experiences for us to fall into no matter what mentality they adopt be it a bittersweet hopefulness, all-consuming nihility, or just the overwhelming sense of giving up. Since the very beginning, Mizmor has been a true embodiment of that change with every release from the act always something that demands to be experienced in order to really get a sense of just what all can be done with the sound with a genuine sense of what to do, unfettered suffering poured into virtually every instance, and a high level of musical prowess that simply cannot be denied in any form. With it’s brand new EP, Mizmor sought to add further proof to that fact with even a little bit of experimentation into different sounds to really change things up.

Immediately, the eye gravitates to the fact that there are only two tracks to be had within “Wit’s End”. It’s then that fans of both the band and the genre will find solace knowing that both tracks stretch beyond 14 minutes each to really come up to par with what plenty of us would come to expect from the likes of Mizmor when it comes to the utter dirge of material that always comes with the name. It’s even then, however, that Mizmor took things down a different route in order to really bring to life the theme of this EP that centers wholly around the degradation of faith in society as a whole as unwarranted doubt, needless conspiracies, and denial of undeniable facts worm their way into the many different levels of the world that we find ourselves in today, almost like the snake eating its own tail in futility to keep itself going. The first half of the EP from which we get the EP’s name is precisely what we’ve come to expect from Mizmor for all that it accomplishes as a bold and unapologetic work that brings together much of what the style can be with its varying forms of heaviness coming together brilliantly to add contrast within its own 14 minutes to provide us with an experience that’s as well-defined as it is expected in all of its harrowing grandeur. But then it’s the second track of “Wit’s End”, “Pareidolia”, that we get a certifiably interesting shift. Instantly, the metal gives way to a 14-minute lamentation for the departure of knowledge and sense in our world that comes in the form of pure ambient that manages to truly tap into the very base of the soul’s pain for such a loss as it simply proceeds forth without any care, any hope, nor any sight of things getting better as time goes on with naught but a nihilistic end seeming inevitable. Yet, not all as lost as you can feel the tiniest inklings of a dare to hope towards the end of the work as it stands before a monolith of doubt and potential failure, but it’s still there with it providing a small glimmer of light in a chasm of deepening darkness that Mizmor constantly pulls from in order to craft some of its most interesting creations with everything brought forth in “Wit’s End” far from being any different.

A creation like this that manages to tap into a prevalent social issue is something that many are willing to try yet very few are able to embody on a level that can be considered compelling, and it’s only fitting that the likes of Mizmor would be able to accomplish such a feat virtually without fail for an EP that’s as effective as it is depressingly relevant. The whirlpool of nihilism, doubt, and despair that makes up the very core of “Wit’s End” is something that is all but compelling right from the very beginning with the stark contrast of both tracks providing a glorious scope as to what Mizmor is still capable of while still keeping the level of quality at a high that cannot be denied.

“Wit’s End” releases on January 14th via Gilead Media!

LISTEN to the teaser from “Wit’s End” via YouTube below.

PRE-ORDER “Wit’s End” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Mizmor on Facebook here.

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