Voids – Who Needs the Words When There Are Stars Above?

The route of instrumental rock is one that’s damn near perfect in order to bring to life a menagerie of different visions from all over the human consciousness whether they could realistically be found here on our planet or far beyond, and the very boundaries of the sound have yet to be well-defined in the grand scheme. It’s in that very glory of exploration of all that is that we can get visions of places that we’ve never once dreamed of whether they be born out of a place of reality or pure fiction. In the case of Voids and their latest opus of raw color and gorgeous nature, it’s the glory of the Siberian wilderness that drives all that comes forth in this record with nothing short of a true wonder as the resulting material.

The very wonders of nature are the exact sort of inspiration that has long kept music going in many aspects as one of the biggest pillars for inspiring artists new and old with the very creation of the online soundscape offering us brand new visions from all across the world for anyone to hear. Before then, I don’t think I would be lucky enough to have been exposed to what Voids has accomplished here in just six tracks for it’s out of the very depths of the largely untouched Russian wilderness that the record comes out of with every ounce of this record done to maximum effect with maximum glory achieved almost effortlessly. Everything about “Who Needs the Words When There Are Stars Above?” is what continues to draw so many of us to the world of post-rock in the first place. There is so much awe-inspiring detail throughout this magnificent effort to the point where it firmly plants the listener in their seat as the very whole of the Baikal region is exposed to us without compromise from its mountains to its gentle waves with every move made by Voids the exact maneuver needed in order to really show us what they can do with such wondrous inspiration. Apply on top of all of that a dignified sense of minimalism that shows its face every so often so that the very vision that Voids does executes throughout “Who Needs the Words” doesn’t become clouded amongst the band trying to do something fancy or elevate their vision to become much more than it needs to be. Never once does this record dare to try and become more than what’s needed as Voids simply lets the record breathe as much as it likes in order to be all that it can be rather than trying to be something that it clearly isn’t with the very clarity in the creation process speaking volumes to the very quality of Voids and all that they poured into “Who Needs the Words?”.

To bear witness to the very majesty of a vastly untouched landscape since the most ancient of times in all that it could ever possibly be is a privilege that many of us wish we could bask in on a regular basis, and it’s with the creations from bands like Voids that we are able to have these visages in such exquisite detail that puts us in the very hills of the inspiring scenery in every sense but the physical. You can feel the brisk air wash over your skin, hear the waves splash against the ancient stone, and watch the stars wheel overhead should you surrender yourself to all that this record is with the very title of the record speaking to just how mystifying the effort is – who needs words when there are stars above?

LISTEN to “Who Needs the Words When There Are Stars Above?” on Bandcamp here.

FOLLOW Voids on Instagram here.

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