Ustalost – Before the Glinting Spell Unvests

Even the best of us need to find time in order to explore different avenues of creativity whether it be strictly for the sake of brevity or to change things up. That’s something that all of us can relate to in some form or another since a change of pace no matter how slight can be a wild game changer that can refresh us minds and bodies while potentially exposing us to enlightening new experiences. Metal has been filled for some time with musicians that are bold and daring enough to explore outside their comfort zones for whatever reason that they may please, and I think it may be within the confines of black metal that we see that happen quite a bit. Conjured from a member of the renowned Yellow Eyes, it’s the second effort from Ustalost that adds proof to that concept as if we needed any.

It tends to be that when a fresh band is made as another outlet for creative integrity that we see the new name come from a different sound altogether even if it stays within the same genre which makes the discovery of Ustalost to me all the more interesting in my eyes. The aforementioned Yellow Eyes needs no introduction, but knowing that Ustalost was formed almost solely as a secondary way to release material that wouldn’t quite fit elsewhere which is awesomely fascinating to me considering all that Yellow Eyes has accomplished up to this point. And yet, it’s barely a minute into what’s brought forth for “Before the Glinting Spell Unvests” that we get a damn good idea of why things have turned out this way. Still very much a creation of black metal in every form, the very frenetic and somewhat adventurous nature of the material at hand here does absolute wonders for the listener as we get to not only see what happens when an already well-established and accomplished musician is able to do something that’s entirely on his own with little to no outside influence on the end result, but we’re able to witness just how far the boundaries of excellence go in such a situation. The very soul of “Before the Glinting Spell Unvests” is a mystifying and alluring one that has many different facets to its overall sound as Ustalost never once settles in one place for too along, always keeping on the move with its varying levels of self-experimentation and ability to make an old sound feel astoundingly fresh in all the right ways with each of these six tracks offering us unique slabs of moonlit darkness the likes of which that we rarely get to experience.

There have been throngs of bands in recent years that have sought to craft exquisite performances like this that are undeniably works of pure black metal but have so much personality within its meanings and between its notes that simply labelling the creations as such would be to greatly undermine what has been made here with Ustalost crafting an album that should be instantly qualified as a record that achieves such splendor. If the goal was to try something new and interesting with “Before the Glinting Spell Unvests”, it should go without saying that this work utterly smashed that goal without compromisation and exceeded every possible expectation without flaw.

LISTEN to “Before the Glinting Spell Unvests” on Bandcamp here.

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