Maha Sohona – Endless Searcher

Any sort of wait for new material from a promising act can be downright excruciating for its fanbase with the question of a return up in the air but hopes always present to hear new music no matter how big the band is whether it’s a massive act like Tool or up-and-coming units like Whispered or Sanzu. Thus, very few things can be as exhilarating in the world of music as seeing a quality band return to our ears with new excellence with the euphoria being unlike anything else. It had been seven years since we had heard anything from the Swedish trio of Maha Sohona, and I cannot express how lucky I feel not to have known this band before tonight. I say that for I can only imagine the raw need to hear more from this act with seven years feeling all too painful but it’s with their latest that we’re able to bask in true psychedelic glory.

In virtually every way, this is the exact kind of psychedelic rock that many of us are constantly hungering for in our modern soundscape with all that the sound is capable of in its seemingly near-infinite forms that shift and change at the drop of a hat or the simple exchanging of a musician at any point in a work’s creation. Even the very cover art for “Endless Searcher” catches the eyes with its clear sci-fi theme with warm colors alongside sharp contrast immediately drawing the eye that quickly leads to a curious ear, and it’s everything that Maha Sohona pours forth in these five tracks that those seven years are shown to be instantly worth the suffering for anyone who’s been a fan of the band for those years, for it’s all that’s be to had here that feels are but wondrously validating. A humble yet expansive creation that’s rooted in the very greatness of all that psychedelic rock can be in the modern soundscape, it is every feasible moment of “Endless Searcher” that we see nothing short of magnificent prowess in the very style that seems to come as naturally to Maha Sohona as breathing. Every color that’s to be found in the borderless reaches of space is but a tool to craft this gorgeous album with riffs the very basis for what glory to be had here while there still being so much more to be had in the effort from all angles as it’s for the whole of “Endless Searcher” that Maha Sohona never shows all of their tricks in one instance, always keeping the listener salivating for what comes next and what else the band is capable of.

Anyone who would take the trip into this exquisitely visionary work is all but guaranteed to experience a creation of true wonder and beauty as it is the very whole of this record that shows what the world of psychedelic rock is still more than able to create should the right talent come around, and I don’t think anyone would deny Maha Sohona as a harbinger of such wonders now and, hopefully, in the future. One can only pray that it won’t be another seven years before we hear from this band again, but it’s until then that we’re left to bask in the glory of “Endless Searcher” and I don’t think we could’ve asked for anything better.

LISTEN to “Endless Searcher” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Maha Sohona on Facebook here.

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