God – God V – Sin – Part I

As any band goes on, it would be foolish for anyone to think that no change would come into the very spirit of the act no matter how singular or concentrated the vision may be ever since day one. Variety is truly the spice of life, and when you’re dishing out what’s damn near an album every year for the last five years a slight change in sound is all but inevitable and can typically be handled very well should it fall into the hands of the capable. The instrumental progressive act of God has been a real treat since its first album with a clear Biblical theme to all of its material, yet it’s that instrumental angle that always keeps things interesting and the lens of perspective always fresh which feels as though it has truly taken on new life with the act’s latest offering.

With a title like “Sin”, I don’t think it would be hard to envision a band like this really going for it in terms of intensity with a massive presence to match. It wouldn’t only be a fantastic fit for the very theme of the album but the sense of scale that’s been building since the very first effort from God in 2016 with it making almost too much sense. Where else would you make for such an intense experience in a Biblical sense outside the very confines of hell itself? The act of sin is a core idea and the source of all punishment in the scripture, and it’s in all eleven tracks of its fifth full-length album that God has done nothing but bring it to the aural realm with a tremendous presence and awesome power. While the progressive angle that’s been the cornerstone of God’s sound since the beginning is still vast in its excellence, there is a clear and undeniably substantial increase in the extremity with swathes of “Sin” wavering into areas of metal that I didn’t think this act would stay into with plenty of glimpses of djent, slam, and even deathcore and some technical death metal all having their moments throughout the album to really show us just how multi-faceted this act has always been yet how refined it has become with each minute of the album offering us instrumental glory that such a style is always promising with not nearly enough bands out there able to scratch the itch like how God has done with “Sin”. Very quickly, not even considering the glorious 17-minute title track that’s broken up into four distinct sections, the album takes on an identity all on its own that not only sets itself apart from God’s growing discography as a vicious yet poignant work that provides us with a wondrously diverse record that is so much of what instrumental metal should always be with the fifth offering from God as the perfect vessel to deliver such a bold statement to make it the band’s most interesting work to date by a large margin.

It would be difficult for any band to keep an instrumental sound interesting after several albums without accidentally retreading the same sonic territory over and over again, yet it’s with “Sin” that such a fate is avoided by a sizeable gap. God proves yet again that it’s a real boon for the style in many ways as it is still unjustly a largely unheralded act in the underground of both its principal sounds with time all but gracious to the act with every performance feeling more mature and complete than the last, and I’d be willing to bet money that the next offering will be very much the same in that regard.

LISTEN to “God V – Sin – Part I” on Bandcamp here.

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