Restless Spirit – Blood of the Old Gods

While it can be a fascinating sight to see a band bring forth a sound that is highly specialized in a single style taken to a great extent, it’s my firm belief that it’s more impressive to see a band bring together multiple sounds from across a wide spectrum in a cohesive and satisfying manner. In the right hands, it can make for a truly compelling effort that has the potential to be the sort of material that we rarely get to see elsewhere if at all anywhere else for the opportunities are virtually limitless when you combine ambition with talent. In the case of Restless Spirit, it’s with a particularly potent blend of four distinct sounds that make their latest opus almost certainly one of their very best to date.

The many different forms of heaviness are no stranger to each other as bands from all over the world for decades now have been seeking new and fresh concoctions to bring to the table and our ears either to stand apart from the crowd or to simply try something new, but it’s even amongst such innovation that many find themselves tapping into the original spirit of heavy metal itself in order to craft something that it fantastically new in virtually every regard. On their latest opus, it’s the deadly and wildly effective whirlwinds of hard rock, doom metal, progressive metal, and all things stoner heaviness that are packed into these seven tracks that the entire world of heaviness in these respective styles can rest easy knowing that they can close out the year with an absolute banger for “Blood of the Old Gods” is everything that we could ever ask for from the likes of Restless Spirit after their devastating reputation up to this point. There isn’t a single inch of this creation that doesn’t stimulate all of the senses as it’s in even the smallest moments of the monolithic listen that Restless Spirit manages to astonish and impress at virtually every turn with the seductive nature of the record being the only other aspect outside of the absolutely delicious sense of heaviness and musicianship that’s be had across every minute of “Blood of the Old Gods” with nothing left at the end of the record but our jaws on the floor and our brains melted. The very power imbued into this record is the sort of thing that transforms interesting albums to downright awe-inspiring, and how could anyone look in the valley which “Blood of the Old Gods” was born out of and not be compelled to venture further in?

In just about every way, this record is a best-case scenario when it comes to bringing together different styles no matter how similar or dislike each other they may seem to be at a glance when we can reliably look upon an already-proven act as the vessel to bring it to life, and that’s a challenge that Restless Spirit all but smashed with just the first few tracks of this effort. Yet, it’s the very whole of “Blood of the Old Gods” that becomes the exact sort of material that many of us could ever possibly hope for with the legacy of Restless Spirit up to this point done justice with all that is “Blood of the Old Gods” an album that stuns now and will inspire for a long time to come.

LISTEN to “Blood of the Old Gods” on Bandcamp here.

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