Allegaeon – Damnum

When it comes to the very vibrant scene of technical death metal that we find ourselves in after years of bands coming out of seemingly nowhere to show us their crazy prowess in technicalities that can be applied to such a vicious style, few names resonate as far and wide as Allegaeon. Ever since the beginning, this band has been a real bastion for what the style has been capable of as a whole with their albums always being an occasion to experience and no two sounding alike, always keeping the listeners guessing as to what mastery they’re to be subjected to next. The announcement of a new effort from this album is always a reason for an eyebrow to be cocked in interest, and that refuses to be any different with the very existence of their upcoming sixth full-length album.

To say that there’s a lot going on within the confines of any singular release that Allegaeon ever puts out would be putting it mildly. Their efforts have always been the very definition of a spectacle for one reason or another as it’s album after album that they manage to bring forth a dazzling aural experience that very few bands in the technical realms of death metal can come close to especially with Allegaeon’s potent sense of melody that permeates every possible minute with “Damnum” being another glorious testament to that fact. For the absolute entirety of these twelve dynamic tracks, we’re given a deeply personal and visceral experience the likes of which many bands could only ever hope to come close to as the themes of loss and death are very prevalent throughout each minute of “Damnum” such that it allows the album to become insanely accessible. The diverse set of vocals that we deal with for this album are all but to be expected from Allegaeon at this point given the band’s last two albums, but there’s something particularly interesting about this effort where it all comes together beautifully to make for an experience that still very much takes cues from all over death metal but it holds strong to its melodic factor to an immense effect that pays off in each and every song.

Whereas previous efforts from Allegaeon could easily be considered outwardly expansive in their vast array of sounds and experimentations, it’s with “Damnum” that we see the band look inward in such a way that is all but gripping right from the very beginning with there being more than enough to dig into for fans new and old. Whether it be the technical melody that draws you in or the deeply personal themes that wrap around every possible facet, it’s impossible to say that Allegaeon hasn’t delivered yet again.

“Damnum” releases on February 25th via Metal Blade Records!

LISTEN to singles from “Damnum” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Allegaeon on Facebook here.

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