Big Scenic Nowhere – The Long Morrow

When we consider all that the psychedelic regions of rock have done for our listening habits no matter what our preferred genre may be, it makes the mind wonder just what else those sounds are capable of creating without continuously bounding over the same material over and over again. However, it’s in the hands of the talented and the capable that truly anything is possible with the very performances of Big Scenic Nowhere in just the last two years more than enough proof for such a theory. It’s hard to fathom that this band can keep going so strong even with the massive talent behind it, but it is simply the existence of “The Long Morrow” that we can see just what we’re dealing with here.

Just to think of the legends of any given sound getting together to simply jam is a treat for the mind and an absolute tease for all that could possibly come to the ears, and rarely does it ever come to fruition with that material not coming to see the light of day. However, it’s been since day one of Big Scenic Nowhere that we’ve been absolutely spoiled with such a reality as it’s with this supergroup that we can really see what the best of the best of desert rock can bring to the table. With last year’s release of the “Lavender Blues” EP, we weren’t aware that those three awesome tracks were mere the first part of a three-day jam session from over two years ago at this point. With the emergence of “The Long Morrow”, we’re finally about to see the remaining fruits of that sessions, and it’s in every way that these five pieces live up to the bar that Big Scenic Nowhere has put before themselves with everything they’ve done up to this point. Just five tracks don’t seem like much of an offering even if the very whole of “The Long Morrow” manages to step itself in the past when it comes to its sound and sound wondrously fresh, but it’s the title track that is the real shining gem of this album as it’s the nearly 20-minute excursion into the desert under a cloudless sky that Big Scenic Nowhere shows us a side of the style that we rarely get to see with it being all but fitting that they should be the ones to show us how it’s done for the second time in their short time as an act. Every time they come together, this band has done nothing but raise the bar for everything we’ve come to know for the style whether it be in the past, contemporary, or anything that’s to come after them, yet it’s in every record that they deliver that they manage to impress on a grand scale that cannot be denied with “The Long Morrow” simply the latest in an absolutely fantastic discography.

One can only hope that this band isn’t going anywhere anytime soon for Big Scenic Nowhere is now batting four for four with their releases and it cannot be understated when it comes to their undeniable quality that permeates everything that they have ever created, and it’s with that fourth effort in less than two years that this band has yet to let us down. Every facet of “The Long Morrow” is filled all the riffs, glory, and psychedelia that we could possibly ask for out of such a talented act to the point that I can all but promise a good time for anyone who finds themselves wandering in the very deserts that this band holds complete dominion over.

“The Long Morrow” releases on January 14th via Heavy Psych Sounds!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “The Long Morrow” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Big Scenic Nowhere on Facebook here.

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