Under the Church – Total Burial

With the thousands upon thousands of death metal bands out there for us to choose from nowadays, it’s not hard for any of us to come up with expansive lists of acts that we keep our eyes on for one reason or another as the years go on to either hear more of their particular brand of excellence, hope to see them rise the ranks in order to gain the proper recognition or to simply bask in the glory of finding a real gem of the underground. Ever since I first heard their first full-length album, “Rabid Armageddon”, six years ago, Under the Church has been a name I’ve kept a particularly close eye on. Definitely one of those bands that I wish we heard more from more often, any news of fresh material from this band is always something that I celebrate with a fresh EP very much a qualifying slab of seething undeath that I wasn’t able to turn myself away from.

This has long been one of those bands that I find myself complaining about at the end of every given effort. In no way do the complaints appear in regard to the quality, execution, production, style, sound, talent, craftsmanship, or literally any other aspect purely because everything piece of underground wonder that Under the Church has touched up to this point have become wondrous works of specialty in vicious undeath. But, it’s always at the end that I find myself in agony simply because I always want more of the majesty that Under the Church always brings in every effort, and “Total Burial” is no different. Barely over 15 minutes from start to finish, not so much as even one millisecond is wasted as this international unit utterly dominates in every form with their truly uncompromising creation of death metal that can only be likened to rotten flesh being ripped off broken bones with speed, riffs, and unstoppable power, all with the ferocious tenacity that Under the Church has demonstrated since day one. There have long been a history of Sweden providing the world with some of the best cases of death metal that we have and will ever see in our lives, and I will defy anyone who would dare claim that Under the Church isn’t among those in the newer waves of Swedeath to not only do the style as a whole justice but to push it forward with their breathless assaults always an occasion to set aside time for with “Total Burial” being the latest but by no means the least of their vicious excursions.

The massive influx of bands that fall into this particular vein of death metal can really make it feel as though the scene for it is oversaturated with not many interesting bands managing to persevere and create experiences that we simply can’t brush aside, but it’s with the very existence of Under the Church that I cannot help but have great hope for everything coming forward with a band like this being at the very forefront of Sweden’s conquest for global death metal domination. Fifteen minutes is not nearly enough to satisfying my urge for this band, but it is every possible moment of “Total Burial” that makes for everything  I could ever ask to have injected into my veins.

LISTEN to “Total Burial” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Under the Church on Facebook here.

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