Misery Spell – Ведьмин круг

I’m not entirely sure what it is about Russia that has enabled the country to be able to make some truly striking metal such that the country has a very respectable swathe of the underground in its clutches with the quality to match, but never once have I found myself complaining about any metal acts to come from there no matter the style. It’s with black metal, though, that I feel like Russia could use more of given the landscapes, the weather, and more all make for the right ingredients in order to make for some tasteful black metal that many of us could really latch onto without giving much thought. With its third EP in three years, Misery Spell, deeply rooted in the depths of the underground that would require some digging for many to find, has crafted much of what I could hope for out of Russian black metal with even just a little bit more.

Out of an EP like this where there are only four tracks, it almost feels too common to see bands go for a singular sound that doesn’t offer much in way of variation nor tasteful approaches to a sound that has arguably been done to death but still have more than enough life to breathe should it be placed in the right hands, and it’s with just the first track alone off of “Ведьмин круг” (Google translated into “Witch’s Circle” (could be wrong, it is Google after all)) that Misery Spell shows that it is not nearly content enough to simply take the easy route. That being said, though, plenty of this creation takes cues from what hundreds of others do out of the atmospheric reaches of black metal to make for a sound that really fits a Siberian tundra mindset with thousands of miles of forest constantly teetering on the edge of frozen with every chord of “Ведьмин круг” doing real justice for such a specific image. It works true wonders as you can practically see the occultism taking place before the flickering flames, making the very woods come alive and the spirits dance as they weep for the state of the world while it’s the invocations brought to the table by Misery Spell makes this a fabulous treat of black metal that doesn’t overstay its welcome, never stagnates in its performance, nor fails to deliver the goods in such fashion that leaves the listener simply wanting more.

The potential for Russian black metal has never been higher if you ask me with there being more than enough talent shown throughout the vast country at virtually every turn, and it’s because of bands like Misery Spell that I can only hope to see more. Particularly, if we were to be graced with albums like “Ведьмин круг” more often than not then I don’t see why the country wouldn’t become a fresh bastion for black metal in its conquest to conquer the world.

LISTEN to “Ведьмин круг” on Bandcamp here.

Misery Spell does not have any sort of social media that I could find, so please follow the band on Bandcamp in order to stay up to date on new material from Misery Spell.

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