Black Sky Giant – Falling Mothership

With the many different landscapes that the world of all things psychedelic can put forth in the mind such that we can practically see it in reality, it’s oftentimes that it becomes hard to find the words for it. Many have accomplished such a task to excellent results, but it’s in my humble opinion that some of the very best psychedelic works are all but voiceless for it truly lets the mind explore avenues that will differ from one listener to the next making for an endless cascade of visions and wonders that is unique to everyone. I’ve long been a fan of such a performance of tasteful instrumental creations with my search for more never-ending, and it’s tonight that my seeking has led me to Black Sky Giant who provides us with a glorious continuation of that fascinating trend.

At face value, it would be hard to talk about music like this where it’s all instrumental with the great vast majority of works that are found within the style taking many cues from those who have come before them whether it be in delivering music driven by undeniable riffage or crafting experiences that can only be linked to the use of specific substances in order to bring them to life in such manner. It could become hard after many points of coverage to keep talking about it, but it’s purely because of bands like Black Sky Giant that I can not only come back time after time to deliver such a magnificent sound but to keep me talking about it fervently with the eight tracks of “Falling Mothership” being a damn near perfect example of such a phenomenon. The whole of this performance is practically right down the middle in what we could ask for from this record stylistically with Black Sky Giant blending psychedelic atmospheres beautifully with captivating riffs that bring both soft and adamant melodies to the mix such that you can see the sand flow down the dunes before your eyes as well as bear witness to the very immolation of the heavens as the great structures fall. Filled with glimpses of the cosmos and the high level of musicianship needed to bring it to life properly to match, it’s for the absolute whole of “Falling Mothership” that Black Sky Giant has made their second effort of the year (also their second effort altogether from what I can tell) has made for an absolute treat of stupendous proportions the likes of which I can’t help but wholly recommend to anyone who considers themselves even slightly into this type of glory. If you are and you don’t, I cannot help but feel truly sorry.

It’s no stretch to say that the world of instrumental psych-rock has been growing in recent years for one reason or another with there seeming to be more to take in than ever before and with bands like Black Sky Giant coming out of the woodwork to deliver material such as this, who are we to question such a gift? Every facet of “Falling Mothership” is what people flock to this style in order to hear more of with there only being hope to come across music as good as this with the act of discovery revealing a glorious epiphany the likes of which is nigh on awe-inspiring.

LISTEN to “Falling Mothership” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Black Sky Giant on Facebook here.

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