Tine – Mergae Maris Profundi

When I was first setting out in my mission with this website to explore metal as I knew at a pace that feels both sluggish but immensely quick, I wasn’t first into the more extreme ends of what the style had to offer with black metal, in particular, being a bit of a barrier for me which is hilarious to me in hindsight but that’s how it was. There weren’t very many acts that could penetrate that veil in order to really open the doors and allow me to explore all that the style has in store like I love to do today and it was Tine that I specifically remember as one of the acts that tore down that wall for me. With subtle but wild use of symphonic elements and wonderful melody, it was Tine’s debut that captured my attention and respect right from the beginning and it’s now seven years later that I can look upon the act’s follow-up with a completely new mindset and it really does feel like I’ve been shot through time.

It’s the clear nautical theme that seems all but obvious before you’re even to set foot inside any of what this sophomore full-length has to offer with the cover art firmly planting that vision into the listener’s brain, but there’s much more inside “Mergae Maris Profundi” other than aquatic black metal with symphonies colorful enough to be compared to coral reefs despite that taking up a substantial chunk of these eight tracks. With all the personality that’s infused into each of these tracks as well, I would dare anybody who would dive into the foreboding depths of Tine’s newest creation to resurface and find themselves not latching onto at least a single song in the whole of the record for it’s throughout each offering that Tine never once dips in its quality or explorative nature while still keeping a firm grip on its symphonic black metal center that it’s had a tremendous understanding of since the band’s formation with every minute of this new effort really showing us not only the act’s further understanding of how to pull it off, but just how entrancing it can be even if it doesn’t take center stage or shoved down the throat of the listener such that all subtlety is thrown out the window. That quickly allows “Mergae Maris Profundi” to feel like the natural progression of the album that came seven years before it while still showing us that Tine is not about to completely uproot its sound in order to stay relevant, interesting, or reel in new listeners. Rather, Tine has planted its feet even more firmly into the ground with such dedication that it really shows off how far Tine is taking its craft in order to achieve the vision that is has with the results being downright delicious to say the very least.

I described at the beginning that diving into this record felt like I traveled back in time, and I truly do mean that as it’s listening to Tine’s specific vision with fresh ears again is a euphoria that I remember very fondly with everything brought to the table in this effort bringing back all of those memories to dramatic effect as every single bar has been raised, the executions no less than spectacular, and the metal being all but deliciously varied in all of its different forms. Tine has really done a bang-up job with all that “Mergae Maris Profundi” from just about every angle, and it’s a swim that I know damn well I will be gladly taking over and over again, and I truly do hope to see some of you on future dives.

“Mergae Maris Profundi” releases on January 28th!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Mergae Maris Profundi” on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube below.

LIKE Tine on Facebook here.

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