The Delirium Effect – Eternal

When most people tend to think of deathcore, it’s far too often that many tend to think of the same traits done over and over again with no sort of change, evolution, or range when it comes to the sound given how many refuse to let the style move forward in its own evolution with those trying not reaching the necessary ears to make a difference of opinion. As I first stepped into the latest work from The Delirium Effect, I tempered my expectations since it’s been far too common where I find an effort of this sound that either doesn’t try or fails in virtually every category. On the other side of this album, however, it became all but clear to me that I could never categorize The Delirium Effect as such a band with everything they brought forth here interesting in even its smallest moments.

While it should be evident right from just the first minute of what “Eternal” has to call its own that this band is not straying far whatsoever from the core aspects of what the realm of deathcore has become in the modern era, it would be an understatement to say that The Delirium Effect still went out of their way to make it a work that’s all their own with a sound that strives to do they very same. The sound as a whole for “Eternal” never once stays in the same place as the band really shows off their eclectic ambition to make a record that rarely, if ever, stands still for longer than perhaps a minute or two which immediately elevates the album to have a sensation of constantly moving, fluctuating up and down with the evocative vocal performances, and a spectacle sense of surprise since you truly do not know what excellence the instruments will throw your way next. Plenty of deathcore acts have tried to incorporate different approaches and sensations into their material in order to inject some sort of life into their music whereas there wouldn’t be much more than uncalculated loudness, but The Delirium Effect has done nothing but excels at bringing that theory to life wondrously to make this album stand out immediately from the crowd with a larger-than-life attitude and approach that cannot be denied with only a fabulous listen to be found within their debut being all but the perfect first step forward that they could’ve possibly delivered.

It really does feel as though many new acts in the world of deathcore unintentionally box themselves in with their sound as they don’t allow much room to grow or explore sonic territories that they hadn’t fathomed beforehand with it being a real task to break such a barrier, but it’s right out of the gate that The Delirium Effect has shown us how proficient they are with their visions and its execution with the worry of limiting themselves never once even becoming close to a reality for the band nor their debut. The possibilities feel downright endless when taking into consideration this band’s future with all that they’ve accomplished with “Eternal”, and I would be more than saddened to see this work fall unto deaf ears where they’re to be ignored despite the wild potential that’s to be had around every corner and in every song.

LISTEN to “Eternal” on Bandcamp here.

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