Vorga – Striving Toward Oblivion

The stars offer truly endless inspiration. It’s been sometime now since the realm of black metal took its first steps into the cosmos with some of the most well-known acts in the whole of the underground finding their place performing that very style and finding great success in it as we see bands from Mare Cognitum to Mesarthim laying the foundation to still be relevant today with newer acts like Imperialist showing us the glory that the far-off worlds still have to offer for black metal. While I was confident in thinking that Imperialist would be the latest of the noteworthy bands to attempt sci-fi black metal, it’s with their very first full-length album that Vorga has crash-landed to tremendous effect with an album that is no less than cataclysmic in scope, power, and raw talent.

If the very prospect of cosmic black metal does not catch your fancy given all the immense chaos, untold beauty, and literally endless potential that’s to be found within such a niche but slowly growing sound then I would have virtually no choice but to put forth this album as one of my first attempts to convince you otherwise. It is immediately without wasting a single moment that Vorga shows us that they aren’t playing around with anything that’s brought to the table for “Striving Toward Oblivion” as it is virtually everything that the sound could ever ask for without leaning too far into atmospheric tendencies or failing to implement some form of grandeur that would simply result in the band biting off more than they could chew. In every way, Vorga knew what they were going for as they carefully crafted these eight pieces of zero-gravity viciousness with there being no dancing around the main idea or trying to make their performance more nuanced than it already is or making it some immensely grandiose work that could compare to the glory of the stars and the bloodshed in between them. Rather, it’s for the entirety of “Striving Toward Oblivion” that Vorga keeps their vision concise and potent while still being simple for everything that we could come to expect from the realm of sci-fi black metal with all the boxes being checked off without trying to do too much with everything that is attempted being all but utterly captivating.

There is no planet left untouched as Vorga has put forth their first significant assault of space conflict with this absolutely staggering work of black metal that’s as good a start to the new year that many of us could as for, and given the band’s growth already at this point in their careers we can only imagine how much more they’ll bring to the table on any future releases. No matter what the stars may hold in store for these aspiring, bloodthirsty astronauts, there’s no denying that “Striving Toward Oblivion” is an all but striking offensive that cannot be denied with every victory is achieves being no less than exhilarating right from the beginning.

“Striving Toward Oblivion” releases on February 4th via Transcending Obscurity Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Striving Toward Oblivion” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Vorga on Facebook here.

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