Bog Wizard – Miasmic Purple Smoke

If you ask me, it’s almost painful how often bands pick only a single lane to stay in when it comes to crafting a new album. There is nothing wrong with honing your craft in order to become all but deadly in the ways of one specific style, but if it’s not an exceptional work from all angles it can easily become boring and stale. Any sort of deviation, change, or brevity is an absolute boon to an album since you really feel like you’re getting all that the band can be as they are without having to feel like they have to perform the same sound for the entirety of runtime for one reason or another. When I first came across Bog Wizard last year (feels so much longer ago), that was something that definitely leapt out at me but it’s with their brand new album that it feels even more emphasized.

There’s a special charm that comes with a band that takes a step back in time to where it felt as though everything fantasy-related or connected to rock music was a heinous act upon the sanctity of mankind’s soul in a time that has since been dubbed “satanic panic”, and I think it’s absolutely brilliant since it can be done in so many different ways with not enough tackling it in a worthwhile manner. With a Dungeons & Dragons theme at times that isn’t afraid to dip its toes into other fantastical works, it’s “Miasmic Purple Smoke” that sees Bog Wizard embrace all of that to the maximum while never once losing sight of their goal of heaviness or a damn good time as we get so many different takes on the band’s sound across these six tracks that feel as though they’re designed to keep us guessing. Just as soon as we would get a drawn-out slog of sludgy glory in a dungeon filled with all sorts of creatures, Bog Wizard is more than happy to up the ante when it comes to their speed and energy as we see in tracks like “Grimdark” and “StuckInTheMuck” that present to us a wildly different image of Bog Wizard compared to what we would find elsewhere throughout the album to make it a whole work that’s just as thrilling as it is satisfying in all that it attempts and achieves. A little bit of a shake-up here and there with the changing of a few elements would typically be more than enough to make for an engaging and even somewhat eclectic effort, but it’s clear that Bog Wizard was not content to leave it at that with everything that they’ve performed within “Miasmic Purple Smoke” with every minute playing off the rest gloriously to the point that I can’t help but find immense joy in the pits of fantastical mystery that this album presents to us.

Simply being able to keep your listener engaged throughout any body of work you may release is more than enough for someone like me, but when a band manages to come around and feel like they truly went above and beyond to make for a gripping yet still immensely fun in all of its varying forms of heaviness it becomes clear very quickly that we’re for a damn good time. In virtually every way, Bog Wizard brings us a fascinating image of just such an event with “Miasmic Purple Smoke” with it being a real treat for anyone who wants their heaviness to have personality and fun in just being itself for that’s a very special reward that keeps on giving every single time.

“Miasmic Purple Smoke” releases on December 3rd!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Miasmic Purple Smoke” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Bog Wizard on Facebook here.

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