Seedna – Wraith

We truly do not have any sort of shortage when comes to quality bands coming out of the northern woods and mountains of Scandinavia with all their different variations on heaviness itself, but it’s the territories between the realms of doom and black metal that I, personally, think we need a lot more of. It’s a difficult sound to pull off since you can approach it in a menagerie of ways, much like all metal, but it can become tricky really quickly trying to balance all the elements to bring forth a cohesive album that delivers all that it needs to without falling flat in any way. Seedna is a true underground delight for anyone who has ever put in the elbow grease to come across them, and the news of a fresh work certainly cocked an eyebrow for me. In no small way, these four tracks make Seedna’s six-year silence feel pretty damn worth it.

As one of the first bands that really helped me understand just how far the extremity of metal can go when I was still very naive about just how far the boundary can be pushed, Seedna has long held a special place in my heart and I’ve long been interested to see how I would respond as an individual to new music from them now that my taste has been greatly refined and my exposure exponential to that first encounter. In just about every possible way, it’s with their brand new work of unyielding darkness and emotion that Seedna has made something that still resonates with my soul on a level that is both comforting and slightly unnerving. With the shortest track by a long shot being a little over six minutes, there isn’t a single aspect of anything brought to the table within the vast confines of “Wraith” that we don’t see done to a wondrous and haunting extent as there is no stone left unturned as Seedna truly pours their soul out into this all-consuming release to make it not just one of their most mature efforts to date with the power, ferocity, and talent to match, but it’s downright engrossing as you walk along the forlorn shores where the band is constantly inviting you into their realm of black and blue where no light has nor will ever shine. It’s a truly enrapturing performance that’s just as raw and even daunting for those who aren’t ready to commit themselves to the void-craft that has been woven with immense care here with all of its different forms of heaviness and undeniable power that’s laced into every possible facet of the performance such that it holds you in place never to let you go as Seedna’s voracious yet still gorgeous metal makes “Wraith” far more than an apparition that’s easy to miss. Rather, it’s a creation that should absolutely capture the ear of any fortunate enough to come across this wondrous find from a real underground treat.

It would be easy for me to write-off this album as an easy win given my history with Seedna, but I wanted to be fair and dive into the work preparing for the worst yet when I resurfaced I could not help but find myself bewildered by what I had just subjected to myself to and the real mastery that Seedna has crafted for us yet again. Many might be sad to come to the realization that “Wraith” is destined to be kept secret within the deep reaches of the vast underground, but that makes this work all the more delectable for its hard to find status and something that one will need to put in the work in order to find and thus experience which will instantly make the reward of the listen itself all the more satisfying.

LISTEN to “Wraith” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Seedna on Facebook here.

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