Aephanemer – A Dream of Wilderness

A rising band is oftentimes one that we can see coming from miles away because of all the attention that is drawn towards them with each effort that they put out coming to mass acclaim and throngs of people following every move. It makes sense then as to why acts like Khemmis, Full of Hell, 1914, Sojourner, and so many more are at the forefront of their respective scenes as they grow and control larger swathes of fans with each passing year, but there’s almost always one that seems to sneak up out of nowhere. Aephanemer has always been a treat each time that they released material, and it’s a wonder to see how far they’ve come to be where they’re at now to release their third full-length album and all of its glory.

While there are more than a few paths open to the world of melodic death metal as it expands itself to cover more and more sonic territory each passing year, Aephanemer has always seemed to be cultivating a sound that is well and truly their own without veering too far off the beaten path such that it doesn’t alienate new listeners expecting something somewhat more run-of-the-mill. Rather, what we get from Aephanemer has been an ethereal yet still grounded take on their particular brand of melo-death as it has a substantial and rewarding injection of symphonic glory that really elevates the wonder factor of their performances, and that goes doubly so for everything that they bring forth to bring “A Dream of Wilderness” to life in all of its beautiful shades and hues. It’s undeniable for me to look at everything in these eleven tracks (bonus tracks included) and not consider this the very peak of everything Aephanemer has done up to this point as it is not just intoxicating melodic death metal from virtually every angle but the band immediately sets themselves apart from a huge swathe of the scene at large with their supremely flavorful sound that uses its symphonic elements to nothing short of the absolute maximum to allow the album to take on a mystical form laced with gripping energy and a tenacity whose power cannot be ignored once it gets going. The very essence of “A Dream of Wilderness” is what so many of us are clamoring to see more of from the world of melodic death metal for it’s something that’s difficult to achieve even for seasoned musicians which makes the raw success of Aephanemer here all the more staggering for all that they manage to achieve in just one record, showing us that they are a band that’s not to be underestimated, ignored, or denied when it comes to the tantalizing glory that they manage to bring forth at virtually every turn within this opus.

It’s not terribly often that we can look into any given work of death metal and come out calling the work beautiful, gorgeous, or any other synonym that applies simply because it’s a true task to achieve in such a concentrated form but Aephanemer has been more than adept at bringing it to life since they started down this path. If there is to be any single record that is define the very future of this band and will be one that we can look back on as the turning point towards their rise to greatness, “A Dream of Wilderness” is all but sure to be that very work for it has all the hallmarks to qualify as such and I truly cannot wait to see where this band can take their sound after such a wondrous performance.

“A Dream of Wilderness” releases on November 19th via Napalm Records!

LISTEN to singles from “A Dream of Wilderness” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Aephanemer on Facebook here.

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