The Spacelords – Unknown Species

There are more than enough founts of instrumental psychedelic glory out there for us to sift through should we decide to lose ourselves in realms beyond our imagination and to leave this mundane plane of existence behind us for something much grander, but it always feels like we come back to a few reliable spouts more often than not simply because of how rich they are in color, quality, and out of pure fascination. The Spacelords have been churning out wonders ever since their debut album seven years ago and the ball has yet to slow down or veer off course yet with every release being something that’s always begging to have you sink your teeth into it. This year has had plenty to dig into in terms of psychedelia, and it’s with the last-minute addition that The Spacelords round out the year perfectly with an experience the likes of which we’ve come to expect from them.

There’s something special about a band that manages to find its niche and not just improve upon its sound as time goes on but thrives to become a need-to-know band in the entire style that was already filled with noteworthy acts, and any single one of us would be remiss to even suggest that The Spacelords doesn’t perfectly fit that bill. Ever since the beginning, this trio has been churning out utter cosmic glory a caliber that cannot be considered anything less than staggering for all that it brings to the table and accomplishes, and it’s with the three tracks of “Unknown Species” that we see that trend furthered to a gorgeous extent. This is a creation that very much falls within the range of what many of us have come to see this band capable of producing anytime they come around with new material, but there’s something potent about this release that was absolutely in preceding albums but it feels so much stronger in this creation and I can’t quite put my finger on why that is. It’s in that welcoming mystery that there’s another special layer of magic that permeates everything about this album that really elevates this beautiful record to something that not only makes it a standout effort in an extremely wondrous discography but one that shines brighter than most other releases to come out of the world of psychedelic rock as a whole.

Very few bands have been able to pull off long-form excellence on a scale like this yet The Spacelords have not only remained consistent in that aspect of their sound, but they’ve been getting somehow better with time as it goes on with everything put forth in this creation arguably being one of their most compelling to date. The very existence of “Unknown Species” should be enough to catch the fancy of any psych rock fan anywhere in the world but it’s the true splendor of it that will surely enthrall the hearts, ears, and minds of many more for this is a nigh-on intoxicating release that demands to be fallen into without question or protest.

“Unknown Species” releases on December 3rd via Tonzonen Records!

LISTEN to The Spacelords on Bandcamp here.

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