Monobrow – A Decorative Piece of Time

Of all the styles that are primed to take an instrumental turn and proceed to dominate much of the competition, doom is easily one that I’d want to see get the treatment of such more often than not. The style is just so malleable that it feels as though there are nearly infinite possibilities when it comes to what voiceless worlds can be crafted by any band with the capacity to pull it off which is always higher than I think most people think. Monobrow is an act that’s been doing just that for years now as a real treat for any underground excavator, and it’s with their latest album that they’ve yet again created another effort worthy of attention.

The possibilities are damn near endless when we consider a style like this for all that it can contain within any length of time, and it’s in the hands of masters that it can take on a life all of its own as the instrumental side allows things to reach a new level of psychedelia alongside some very doom-like crunchiness that only elevates this experience as a whole well beyond much of what many of us could ask for. Monobrow already more than proved themselves with their previous effort, but it’s with “A Decorative Piece of Time” that they’ve certifiably achieved something that needs to be hailed for being the stroke of genius that it is right from the very beginning. There’s so much to pick apart with these six tracks that it’s downright delectable to experience even once with every fresh spin of this creation providing even more glorious insight to the gorgeous revelations that Monobrow expertly lays throughout the entire work as the listener becomes not only enamored with the kaleidoscope-like visions before their eyes, but it’s the sheer beauty mixed with a precise heaviness that tempts me to call everything that is “A Decorative Piece of Time” a shining example of what instrumental doom can be for that it could ever hope to achieve.

It tends to be from larger acts like Clouds Taste Satanic that many of us would expect a work of this caliber to come out of, but if there’s any single fact that this niche style has taught me since discovering it’s that any and every band that dares to attempt it is worthy of investigation for they tend to be ambitious, bold, and downright brilliant with Monobrow being damn near the top in my eyes. To fall into “A Decorative Piece of Time” is to find yourself falling through a gorgeous menagerie of all that this sound should ever be with very little, if anything, stopping you from becoming utterly enveloped by Monobrow’s magic here with not taking long whatsoever to take strong hold of your psyche.

LISTEN to “A Decorative Piece of Time” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Monobrow on Facebook here.

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