Noxis / Cavern Womb – Communion of Corrupted Minds

If you ask me, there would very much seem to be a time machine that’s taken a good hold of a large swathe of the vast expanse of the underground that death metal reigns supreme over. Constantly, we’re hearing the classic veins of the style at large without much resistance from anyone if there even is any with new bands constantly coming out of the woodwork to not only performance alongside the bands that are still killing it since the early days of the sound, but they’re able to stand toe-to-toe without hesitation. I highly doubt there will be any shortage of fresh acts bringing such a classic sound to immense justice in many different forms, and it’s tonight that I’m thrilled to present two bands that should not go unnoticed.

It was already last year that Noxis slithered onto the scene with a take on classic death metal that still feels no less than corrosive, and I’d be lying if I said that I was expecting to hear more from them barely a year later. If nothing else, it shows us just how tenacious and energetic this band may be behind the scenes but it is undoubtedly with their half of the six tracks that make up “Communion of Corrupted Minds” that they offer us one hell of a continuation of that debut that’s voracious, unapologetically brutal, and downright all-consuming. But, it’s their partnering accomplice in crime of Cavern Womb that made me the most curious despite how interested I was in hearing new material from Noxis, and it’s simply because this is the very first piece of material that any of us will have heard from Cavern Womb. Pairing up with such an act as Noxis is a damn good way to bring attention to yourself, and it’s with their utterly devastating brand of death metal laced with very thick threads from the world of doom that Cavern Womb effortlessly makes “Communion of Corrupted Minds” somehow even heavier than what Noxis already made it. Between being absolutely pulverized by everything that Noxis has shown themselves to be capable of with their fittingly noxious sound and the slow, calculated, and torturous pain of Cavern Womb’s landing into the scene, how could any fan of death metal not peer into everything that the six tracks of “Communion of Corrupted Minds” has to offer and not become absolutely swayed by all that they have in store with every facet of this creation working to intoxicate the listener at every turn?

Such a split like this is why I will always investigate a split at every chance I get for it’s on occasion that we get a release that really catches one off-guard as there wasn’t much that could’ve prepared you for what all was in store, and that is certainly the case with what Noxis and Cavern Womb have crafted here. The very essence of “Communion of Corrupted Minds” is the exact sort of thing that anyone would want to see from two of some of the freshest acts out of the seething floor of death metal’s underground, and I truly cannot wait to hear more from both of these abominable bands.

“Communion of Corrupted Minds” releases on December 10th via Rotted Life!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Communion of Corrupted Minds” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Noxis on Facebook here.

FOLLOW Cavern Womb on Instagram here.

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