Havukruunu – Kuu Erklyan Ylla

Considering the hundreds of names that have been rising through the underground for years now, any one of us would be making a grave mistake should we not quickly bring up the name of Havukruunu for their rise has been no less than extraordinary with their music no less than standout. It always feels like we get new material from these Finnish masters so much quicker than what we probably should be given the undeniable quality that has permeated every single effort of theirs since the beginning, and it’s with their very first EP that Havukruunu still has yet to disappoint.

It’s always a wonderful contrast to look back at a prolific band to their earliest released material and compare it to their latest offerings to see not only how many the band has grown as a whole but how well they’ve made that transfer through talent and endless strife. Combining those two types, though, can make for one hell of an interesting record for it can provide a truly unique window into the band’s mindset that can really show us not only where they’ve come from but how it can still evolve alongside the band. “Kuu Erklyän Yllä” contains that very experience with these five tracks holding the some of the oldest compositions from Havukruunu played right alongside their latest, and while there is a real contrast that is a real joy to pick apart as you can almost taste the evolution of what Havukruunu has done in order to gain their incredibly well-deserved cult status. There is real black metal magic to be found within these five staggering tracks as not only does Havukruunu live up to their reputations as an act to be respected right from the very beginning, but their craft feels second-to-none at times as we’re given a tour de force of what they’re capable of with each minute having something special to offer without many falters in sight if any.

Such a band that has reached the level of Havukruunu cannot be easily dismissed in any form as their talent does not easily wain nor does their infectious nature fade going from a landmark full-length to an EP, and it’s with five bold tracks that we still have yet to see this growing legend out of the forested mountains of Finland have any sort of dip whether it be in terms of quality or devotion to their art. Any fan of this band will find themselves in love all over again with everything that “Kuu Erklyän Yllä” brings forth, and anyone who is foolish enough to not yet investigate this creation likely won’t have a better opportunity to rectify such a mistake than with this quick but still immensely satisfying work.

LISTEN to “Kuu Erklyän Yllä” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Havukruunu on Facebook here.

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