Conjureth – Majestic Dissolve

The very base of the underground is a great place to find all sorts of nasty material whether it’s blatant worship of the greats of the past or bold exploration that has nothing to fear in any form. It’s one of the few places where being straightforward and not doing anything new whatsoever can bring you a long way for one reason or another with there always being something to discover that catches the ear without having to even think about it. It’s with their debut album that Conjureth finds themselves traveling down that very path with the ten tracks that they’ve crafted here being the exact breed of death metal that many of us are constantly craving for.

It takes a special kind of nastiness from any kind of death metal to invoke a sense of dripping wetness that I wish I could find the words to describe better but that’s simply what it sounds like as such material can usually only be found right on the very floor of the underground world where the most intense acts tend to call home, and it’s with their debut album that Conjureth has not only earned their spot in that ravenous horde but they’ve made for more than a case for themselves to climb the ranks at a blistering pace! Virtually no matter what form this kind of material takes, it’s hard to turn away from since it not only promises a time the likes of which death metal is all but made for, but it’s an absolute breeding ground for riffs of a variety that are no less than the most intense with ten tracks of “Majestic Dissolve” being nine more than any single person should need to verify that Conjureth is far more than the real deal. There’s a truly special sense of of what all death metal can be in even when its brought to the most basic of forms to deliver a performance that doesn’t really do all that much to stand out from the crowd of the style at large, but it’s the undeniable potency of what’s in store here that sets this debut apart from even bands that have been going at it for years. “Majestic Dissolve” feels like the embodiment of what many a death metal fan goes for even if they don’t realize it: a straightforward assault upon life itself that holds nothing but in its intensity while still achieving the feat of sounding fresh, compelling, and wreathed in competency that instantly makes this record one that must be investigated at your first opportunity.

While it’s the cover art that really draws people in, including myself, that doesn’t always signal for a good time with the music itself. In the case of what Conjureth has made here, it still bewilders me to say with confidence that the cover is just the start of a tremendous display of death metal the likes of which that the underground is all but famous for at this point as this band more than holds their own without so much as breaking a sweat. It’s hard for me to ever sit down and consider any single work as essential for its style at the time of its release, but I cannot help but implore any fans of death metal to check out this magnificent creation the first chance that they get for if they don’t they’ll be missing the arrival of a band that, surely, we will be seeing much more of.

“Majestic Dissolve” releases on October 25th via Rotted Life and Memento Mori!

LISTEN to an advanced track on Bandcamp here or via YouTube below.

LIKE Conjureth on Facebook here.

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