King Buffalo – Acheron

Coming into 2021, one of the most exciting news of the year for any fan of heavy music was knowing that King Buffalo had plans to release three albums before the year’s end. However, given the state of things, namely the staggering delays at vinyl plants, that reality has transformed into two records this year and the third not long into 2022. Regardless, such an immense injection from King Buffalo is something to get extremely excited over with their first of the three, “The Burden of Restlessness”, being a true highlight of the year thus far. But even though it has that ever-classy King Buffalo feel to it, that album wasn’t as expansive as some of the band’s more previous works with the psychedelia being strong but not overflowing. Flipping the script and leaning fully into that side of their sound, it’s with the whole of “Acheron” that we get to see what I consider the best side of King Buffalo with all the majesty to go with it.

Every release of King Buffalo is compelling in some form or another, and that’s a certifiable fact. They somehow manage to take everything that has ever been great about the world of heavy psychedelia to then transmute it into something that cannot be considered anything less than bewildering for all that it achieves from the high peaks of mountain mist and beyond to be found within “Longing to be the Mountain” or the wondrous diversity in sonic beauty that is “Dead Star”. This band has never once been able to find themselves far from the very apex of psychedelia, but it is with even just one track off of “Acheron” that they really show us just how masterful they are in their craft fueled by the vastness of the cosmos to colors humans will never know. Recorded live in a cave to really gives the very essence of these four tracks an even more emphasized sense of mysterious expanses reaching into the unknown with earnest, any single one of us would be remiss to lay our eyes and then ears upon all that “Acheron” delivers and not consider it one of the most enchanting, gargantuan, and transcendent releases that the whole of the year will see before it comes to a close as it’s four epics spread across 40 minutes in which King Buffalo not only retain their crown as the lords of heavy psychs as we know it, but they expand their territory with such class and power that it’s a true sight to behold. Patience is the name of the game when immersing yourself in this creation as it is very much a slow burner of a record as King Buffalo takes their time to allow their spells to take hold and fully sway the listener to their will as even just a minute is more than enough to become the thrall of this trio much like we do with every effort from them, but there’s a special air about “Acheron” that is the very definition of intoxicating with the very notes carrying loads of color to them and the personality of the work all but supreme.

It’s a fascinatingly gripping performance right the beginning that I can only hope to bear witness to on the stage, and I know damn well that the masses will flock towards everything that is put forth here for it is a gorgeous rendition of so much of the psychedelia glory that King Buffalo has always been capable of with the entirety of this album being what many of us keep coming back to King Buffalo for every single time. The very soul of “Acheron” is what I’m always exhilarated for out of a new effort from this act, and it should go without saying that not only have they knocked it out of the park yet again but their reign over all thing psychedelia has expanded exponentially with everything executed in this immerse and utterly massive work of pure art.

“Acheron” releases on December 3rd!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Acheron” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE King Buffalo on Facebook here.

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