Bøg – Growth

Unbridled heaviness is something that many corners of metal have an immensely good grasp on in some form or another, making it really easy for us listeners to be able to see it come in nearly infinite forms. Going all the way to the extreme with heaviness isn’t always a sure-fire formula for success, though, since it still takes talent to keep it all contained and well done without tainting the surrounding material such that the intensity is all that there is to talk about. At the start of the year, I was presented with one song that stuck out to me out of a compilation of greatness. I waited patiently for several months to jump at the first chance that I could, and it’s with the release of their latest work that Bøg finally presented me with the opportunity I was waiting for!

While I was certifiably excited for this work and whatever it was that Bøg had in store after I had heard “Thoracic Helm”, I didn’t want it to overcome me and blind me to think the result is better than it should be. But, after gazing into that endless void of a cover art with music that is equally engrossing, uncompromising, and a truly voracious creation that seeks naught but to suck all light out of the universe, I can’t help but become truly wrapped in the ceaseless darkness that “Growth” calls its own. Five tracks may not be enough at a moment’s glance to convey all the nihilistic terror that’s thrown down at every second of this record, but it’s across the entire 31-minute runtime of this effort that Bøg shows us why they’re a true contender for the heaviest of all acts out of Australia which is already overflowing with untold glory for metal with each subsequent listen of the album only seeing the listener drown further into this calm yet vicious ocean of darkness. Any foreign spirit to this unyielding, crushing realm of all breeds is condensed to the tiniest speck of insignificance as Bøg work their foul alchemy to not only expand their void to the furthest edges beyond the horizon but to also convert the listener to an acolyte to their ungodly power with all that “Growth” has in store being far more than enough to sway the souls and grip the minds of any who stand before the creation as they stare, jaws agape as Bøg’s glorious heresy takes on a life of its own.

This is the kind of sludge that people are always looking for as it takes some of the most intense aspects of the style, turns it up to a maximum, and proceeds to blow expectations out of the water with everything that they deliver being far more than any of us could’ve asked or expected. To gaze into “Growth” is to stare into the very abyss, and instead of it gazing back into you, Bøg makes damn sure that it consumes you whole, leaving you at the end a belligerent, pathetic mass screaming into the endless darkness praying for it to end even though you know now you’ll never survive without it. Hence, Bøg’s dark magic is to be feared but, even more so, respected.

LISTEN to “Growth” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Bøg on Facebook here.

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