Grim Earth – In the Throes of Madness

More often than not, whenever I envision some sludge metal I always think of the most intense variety from the likes of what Lord Dying seems to be moving away from to the powerhouse of Eremit with their utterly monolithic tone, but it’s not always extreme heaviness that is to be found in the style that is worth the time to check out. There’s a special kind of crust that encapsulates that particular breed of sludge in a way that many of us have heard with not nearly enough bands doing it justice. With their forthcoming flurry, Grim Earth has undoubtedly achieved glory with that exact sound.

It really does tend to be that sludge rarely has a chance to stand on its own with it seeming to be paired with doom metal more often than not with even the occasional venture with death metal that I think we see more often than simply seeing sludge stand on its own for all that it can be. With a straightforward creation that brings us precisely what sludge can be in a tempered form without compromising any of its potentials to put on a real show, Grim Earth does not disappoint as it’s in these eight tracks that we get to see sludge have the spotlight with very little to no outside influence in order to truly let it breathe, shine, and decimate. It’s for the whole of “In the Throes of Madness” that we see Grim Earth allow a few elements of what feels like punk influence make its way into this sludge, but in no way does that diminish the intoxicating excellence that is put on display here for all of us to get wrapped into as we’re given a menagerie of riffs, attitude, and well-timed power that makes this record something that demands to be blasted at full volume without exception. There’s a really pristine, tempered sense of aggression that permeates virtually every second of what Grim Earth presents to us here as this isn’t a blindfolded excursion into madness that many others would take in the world of sludge that we find ourselves in. Rather, “In the Throes of Madness” puts forth a frenetic sonic assault that’s just as alluring in its sound as it is unyielding in its themes that doesn’t yield once when it comes to its quality as Grim Earth provides us with a virtually pure vision of unique sludge the likes of which we can never really get enough of.

To see this style be done as much justice as what we can see here thrills me to my core since this is a sound that needs more love out of all the different avenues of metal, and Grim Earth has done nothing but immense justice for the sound. Every corner of “In the Throes of Madness” has something massive to call its own without once leaning too much on the sounds of other acts in an attempt to push themselves forward with these eight tracks certifiably being original creations that are simply thrilling.

“In the Throes of Madness” releases on November 5th via Desert Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “In the Throes of Madness” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Grim Earth on Facebook here.

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