Jointhugger – Surrounded by Vultures

Anytime I see a band release more than one piece of material in any given year, it always prompts a cocked eyebrow from me. It’s a dangerous game, though, where it very much follows a trend of high risk, high reward where it could be a case of a band really killing it by being on a respectable streak or a scenario where the band is churning out all sorts of material with suffering quality going from one work to the next. When I heard Jointhugger’s EP earlier in the year, I can’t say I thought I’d be hearing more from them so soon but now that I have, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t extremely happy that they did.

Where if it was the band’s previous EP of “Reaper Season” that laid the foundation for what was to come after even despite very much being its own creation that deserves to be seen as such, it’s “Surrounded by Vultures” that Jointhugger has constructed a towering obelisk whose shadow is vast, dark, and captivating. You could pick any track out of these five and find yourself with a song that can effortlessly stand on its own as a single or standalone release as it’s clear that Jointhugger really dug deep for this work that taps on every facet of their sound to tremendous effect as we’re given a real tour de force of pristine, calculated heaviness that does no less than open up all sorts of opportunities for the band that the listener cannot help but become roped into between all the riffs and undeniable energy that Jointhugger is constantly delivering at an irresistible clip. This is the sort of doom where you can really feel the sun on your back as you’re rolled into the very grooves that are absolutely gripping to provide us an overall experience that modern doom fans should effortlessly fall into as there’s nothing super fancy about “Surrounded by Vultures” in its executions or subjects as it’s kept simple but exceedingly effective from every angle. It’s the exact breed of doom that’s made to be played with the windows down at full blast so that you really feel every note in your very core as Jointhugger continues to deliver nothing but absolute glory even throughout the album’s smallest moments to make for an immensely diverse work that is all but euphoric for those that become hypnotized but its undeniable riffage.

This is far from the sort of doom that many of us would consider premium or the best of the best, but there’s no way for me to sit here and even dare to insinuate that Jointhugger has accomplished anything short of a damn good time would be to spit on everything that these five tracks pull off in superb fashion with the very whole of “Surrounded by Vultures” having more than enough to offer for even the most casual fan of doom for all that it brings to the table.

“Surrounded by Vultures” releases on October 31st via Majestic Mountain Records!

LISTEN to the single, “Midnight”, on Bandcamp here or via YouTube below.

LIKE Jointhugger on Facebook here.

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