Ars Magna Umbrae – Throne Between Worlds

When we’re to consider the very reputation of Ars Magnus Umbrae, I can’t help but have a smile creep across my face. The act has not been around long by any stretch, but it’s in the few years since releasing its debut four years ago that this Polish act has managed to do a lot. Between two full-length records, the growth of the band has been all but undeniable with a third surely acting as another step forward for Ars Magna Umbrae and all that it is. Rather than a step, though, it’s with this upcoming plunge back into cascading madness that Ars Magna Umbrae has taken a leap that has not only paid off in spades but has signaled the act truly coming into its own.

Ever since the beginning, it’s been clear that this band has its own identity that isn’t content to simply rip the sound of others to provide a hollow clone of an experience. But, it’s even just going from one album to the next that one can clearly hear the band delivering a performance that has clear evolution as the single mastermind continues to flesh out his vision as he looks both into works inside and outside of Ars Magna Umbrae to further transform his ever-deepening craft. That being said, I don’t think much could have prepared me for all that “Throne Between Worlds” has to offer. The latest evolution of Ars Magna Umbrae, this album is far from anything to sneeze at with it effortlessly being the band’s most mature creation to date as we’re given a superb collection of six tracks that delivering in virtually every given category to provide us with a black metal experience that is never content to sit idly in one spot as the work as a whole becomes bland and repetitive. Without even considering the stunning 11-minute finale, it’s every second of “Throne Between Worlds” that’s maximized to provide us with a scathing performance that holds nothing back with plenty of spectacular usage of riffs, atmosphere, and vision to craft a work that isn’t only immensely dense for all the time that it commands the listener for, but it’s gorgeously detailed with the cover art being a nigh-on perfect rendition of the overtures of a unique hell that Ars Magna Umbrae holds dominion over with force being the way of undeath in those halls with all but the most macabre majesty to be seen around every corner.

Such a work like this can only be born from a mind burdened with true purpose to bring a singularly vicious and beautiful visage to life in a form that only music like this can embody in any capacity, and it’s with its third full-length album in four years that Ars Magna Umbrae has managed to deliver a record that is damn near the very pinnacle of such a concept. The winding corridors of “Throne Between Worlds” is something that any modern connoisseur of black metal should find themselves enjoying upon its release for there is real glory to be had for those who seek it out in the confines of this spectacular effort.

“Throne Between Worlds” releases on November 12th via I, Voidhanger Records!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Throne Between Worlds” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Ars Magna Umbrae on Facebook here.

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