Devil’s Reef – A Whisper From the Cosmos

The quickly expanding world of technical death metal is one that is incredibly hard to keep up with at times. It’s easily one of the fastest-growing scenes in all of metal for multiple reasons as we see just how ridiculous bands from all around the world are able to create gripping new material with each being slightly different from the last. Earlier this year, it was Devil’s Reef that grabbed my attention without fail with their first full-length album, “Chosen by the Sea”, but it’s with their brand new EP that we see them take the next step down their path of unrelenting cosmic glory.

Right away, it’s satisfying to see them continue with a Lovecraftian-like theme filled with space monsters strewn with writhing tentacles that pose as the harbingers of true madness unto pathetic mortals that will drive the weak insane the moment their eyes come across the creatures. My only lament for the whole of “A Whisper From the Cosmos” is how it is only five tracks in total, but anyone would be spitting in the faces of Devil’s Reef if they were to even insinuate that they didn’t use each of those tracks to maximum effect with the entire 24-minute runtime not having a single wasted minute as this band shows us their slow but sure evolution to take over a vast swathe of technical death metal. What’s important to note is that this isn’t long after the release of its predecessor as mentioned, but there is a clear increase all across the board when we consider what all “A Whisper From the Cosmos” brings to the table in quality, intensity, and raw passion that cannot be ignored coming from these surprisingly young musicians for all that they’re able to accomplish. It’s tempting to say that this is a damn good sequel to what “Chosen by the Sea” gave us, but that implies that this EP has to lean on what’s come before in order to stand tall. The truth is that “A Whisper From the Cosmos” is not just an attention-worthy EP that is an increase in every category, but a real display of all that Devil’s Reef is capable of as they continuously better themselves without falter or barriers to bring us an exquisite performance time after time that makes them one of the rising names to know in the vast world of technical death metal with their talent only being matched by their voracious appetite.

By all accounts, this is a damn good step up from an already-impressive display of power that we got earlier this year but that didn’t once phase Devil’s Reef to make a worthwhile EP that has so much more to offer than just being a copy-paste of what they’ve already done before. “A Whisper From the Cosmos” has so much to offer for any fan of the style whether they be new or old, and I’m beyond positive that given the reputation that Devil’s Reef has already made for themselves that I fully expect to see more from these young men before the closing of next year.

LISTEN to “A Whisper From the Cosmos” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Devil’s Reef on Facebook here.

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