Creature – Eloge De L’Ombre

It was in the madness and the heat at the beginning of summer last year that it came out of France. An exceedingly strange entity the likes of which would take several minds to even begin to put a finger on with it requiring much more than a metal-orientated mind to fully comprehend for all that it offered and dared to execute with results that are still surprising. It was with its second release that Creature truly stepped out into the light with its sound that was all but extremely diverse and a real beast that had to be greatly respected, and it was clear from the very beginning that Creature refused to stay in the same spot for long which begged the question: will a follow-up album stay the course or brave new territory? In no less than exemplary fashion, it’s Creature’s stunningly quick return that we get the answer that’s just as satisfying as it is pragmatic.

A proper visual performance is always in order when an exquisite aural work is at present, and it’s with that simplistic cover art with an off atmosphere with a futuristic look that seems to stare into your very soul without even looking directly at you that we get the first real hint of what Creature has gone for with this creation. Matching that artwork, it’s the whole of “Eloge De L’Ombre” that doesn’t only look into the soul of the listener but looks into the ether with a dystopian disdain for all that it sees before it as it simply seeks to exist however and whenever it may with the construct of time moving forth all around it, ignorant to the revelations that such contradictory confinement offers. But then it’s the music that really draws one in as it’s almost the opposite of what some of us would’ve expected given Creature’s performance last year, yet it feels like all but a perfect fit. No two tracks for the entirety of “Eloge De L’Ombre” that challenges tones of what many of us listen to on a daily basis with baroque sound structures, an essence that is exceedingly French in the best ways, and the apex definition of what it means to be eclectic in your art. Creature never once fails to deliver a performance that really draws the listener in for a truly exceptional experience the likes of which we’re lucky to get even once a year, but it’s from a single man that we’ve gotten it two years a row with each being certifiably some of the absolute best that the respective years have to offer. This is what it means to be progressive, daring, self-challenging, and wildly entertaining in a form that others can only ever hope to emulate with “Eloge De L’Ombre” certainly not being the last nor the least of what the entity that is Creature is capable of.

This should absolutely be hailed as one of the year’s most enigmatic and entertaining creations for all that it accomplishes and executes with it being all but perfect to see Creature attempt something like this as its certifiably a creation all its own that is both similar to its previous work while still being amazingly distinct in every facet. To fall into “Eloge De L’Ombre” is to fall into a truly unique realm that we rarely get to look into with Creature surely to become a reliable guide in the years to come with all sorts of sights to show with everything on display for these twelve tracks offering no less than a unique, gorgeous wonder.

“Eloge De L’Ombre” releases on November 12th via I, Voidhanger Records!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Eloge De L’Ombre” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Creature on Facebook here.

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