Burial – Inner Gateways To The Slumbering Equilibrium At The Center Of Cosmos

The real essence of the immensely dense, dripping world of death/doom is something that so many of us can only ever hope to see in such crushing capacity that we have no choice but to fall into everything that the album in question has to offer, but it’s far from common to see by any stretch of the imagination. While many contributions to the style are far from anything to scoff at with loads of worthy entries for one reason or another, there’s nothing that can compare when the heaviness is in full force to provide us with an experience that is the very definition of pulverizing. Whenever such a work comes around, it absolutely must be hailed as something that needs to be heard with the forthcoming work from Burial being a beyond-perfect example of just such a creation.

Any band is always, of course, the ones in charge of crafting an experience through a purely sonic performance, but it’s the cover art that should always provide us with an experience all of its own, and when the artist constructing such a piece is the masterful Paolo Girardi, how can any curious soul resist this slab of obvious but extremely compelling darkness. Such a masterful artwork is almost always indicative of an album that manages to not only be heavy in every aspect, but transcendent in all that it brings forth with that very heaviness being but the harbinger for what cosmic, eldritch horror is held within. Sure enough, Burial truly delivers. Along with the essay length title of “Inner Gateways To The Slumbering Equilibrium At The Center Of Cosmos”, it’s in no small way that Burial has crafted what can only be considered one of the most compelling works of this immensely enthralling style that 2021 has seen so far with these five tracks truly setting the bar with every exquisite track really sending home a visceral display that has so much to offer. You must surrender your entire being to this record in order to properly experience all the magnificent horrors that it contains in its cacophonous halls, and it’s around every corner that Burial has prepared for us a staggering display of heaviness, ferocity, apex macabre awe, terror, and gripping intoxication that leaves the initiated acolyte powerless before the inter-cosmic ungodliness that these five chapters bring in full force without compromising in any category of its vicious assault.

To really fall beyond the threshold of “Inner Gateways” is to find yourself at the foot of a truly monolithic work that sums up that word nigh on perfectly to a bewildering degree right from the very beginning, and it’s with every choice made and every foot put in front of the next that the horrific grandeur of this album continues to build to make this absolutely one of the most outwardly compelling pieces of its style in recent months. Burial has undeniably crafted something particularly special with this release, and I can only hope that when I find myself cowering again before the power of this creation upon its release that there will be many others joining me.

“Inner Gateways To The Slumbering Equilibrium At The Center Of Cosmos” releases on October 29th via Everlasting Spew Records!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Inner Gateways To The Slumbering Equilibrium At The Center Of Cosmos” on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube below.

LIKE Burial on Facebook here.

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