Aran – Pimeyttä Vasten

Nature is possibly the most common topic in the entire world of atmospheric black metal for all that it can accomplish, and it’s not hard at all to see why that’s been the case for several years with plenty still doing the sound and subject immense justice. The withering of seasons and the majesty of nature as a whole is always something that the style will be able to draw inspiration from no matter how you look at it, but that doesn’t mean every band can do it as well as another. With their second album, Aran more than proves themselves to be a band whose very name should become synonymous with quality.

The very changing of seasons, as mentioned, is a topic that many have tackled time after time to make it very commonly tread ground throughout the world of atmospheric black metal, but that doesn’t mean another band can’t come along and still manage to bring forth the raw emotion of such a shift in the very life of the Earth whether it be the rejoice in the rejuvenation of spring, strength in the power of summer, humbleness in the slow fall of autumn, or the harsh pause that is winter. Going from fall into autumn elicits quite a number of emotions of many people, and it’s with its four tracks that “Pimeyttä Vasten” does a glorious job at bringing the falling of the leaves succumbing to the blanketing of snow and the slow but steady approach of extended darkness. The drawn-out sighs of the trees gripping onto life can be across the whole of this record with Aran doing nothing but a stupendous job at conveying the undeniable beauty of the situation at hand as we can see the falling colors drift towards the slowly hardening dirt and onto the surface of water that will soon become glassy with the melodies and staggering musicianship being a true constant of wonder for the entire album. It all makes “Pimeyttä Vasten” a gorgeous vision of something that many of us experience towards the end of every year whether we look forward to the falling snow or loathe the disappearance of warmth and the menagerie of colors that preludes the ice.

Just because something has been done many times before in music, that doesn’t mean it still can’t have great energy to it and succeed wildly when it’s done again and it’s with this album that Aran has primed themselves to be an act out of the vast realm of atmospheric black metal that needs to be heard for all that they achieved in doing just that. “Pimeyttä Vasten” is what many fans of the style are always looking for, and while there will likely never be a scarcity of works of its ilk, very few can touch the undeniable quality that’s brought forth in these four epic tracks.

LISTEN to “Pimeyttä Vasten” on Bandcamp here.

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