Outre-Tombe – Abysse Mortifére

“Old school” is a term that gets thrown around a whole lot in the world of metal, especially when we take into consideration extreme metal and the reverence that is all but pervasive when we consider the high reverence many have for the classic sounds of each respective style. Death metal is definitely one of the more popular choices with thousands still heralding that classic sound, but it’s fortunately through fresh blood that the sound has yet to get properly stale in any form with that vigor from new generations always making sure we have more excellence to come crawling back to. For years now, Outre-Tombe has been cranking out works that qualify as just that, but it’s their newest that feels their most complete and mature to date.

Anytime a band comes around claiming to have a sound that can be considered in any way old school, they immediately have a high burden to meet in my mind when it comes to the quality that they’re putting forth since the classic days of death metal have one of the most revered sounds in the entire style with good reason. Ever since their tasty debut, Outre-Tombe has been known to be an act that we never once have to worry about since not only do they have the execution of their particular craft down to a tantalizing tee, they keep making it downright exemplary to the point that they should easily be considered one of the most potent and deadly acts of the old school strain that Quebec has to offer, and it’s with “Abysse Mortifére” that we get nothing but a glorious continuation of that. While a large part of me wishes that there was much more to these nine tracks than that, Outre-Tombe makes a compelling work without having too many elements in one basket causing everything to feel out of balance. We’re given a delicious array of venomous speed, uncompromising brutality, a classic aura that seeps out of every note, a specific brand of underground nastiness that only a curated act born of the very floor of the vast underground that we’ve all come to love, and a tremendous level of competency paired with awesome talent that instantly transforms this record from another name out of an ocean of others to an undeniably voracious band whose power cannot be ignored by any real connoisseur of all that the new bands still seek to accomplish with an old sound.

Efforts like this are what will always keep my faith in the old school going strong since it could be so easy to make a lifeless replication, but it’s through real fervor and passion that we are still able to be absolutely spoiled by bands like Outre-Tombe and all that they offer. Those steeped in the old ways are going to have a real delight when “Abysse Mortifére” makes impact, and I’ll gladly challenge anyone who dares to say this work does not do justice to the excellence of the past.

“Abysse Mortifére” releases on October 31st via Temple of Mystery!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Abysse Mortifére” on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube below.

LIKE Outre-Tombe on Facebook here.

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