Untamed Land – Like Creatures Seeking Their Own Forms

The near-constant guessing of what I’m going to hear next will always be a massive factor as to why I will always keep coming back to metal even despite listening to it day in and day out for years now since there always seems to be something at least a little different. When Untamed Land came out just a few years ago with its debut, I don’t think of any of us could’ve expected the virtually immaculate blend of black metal and an Old Western theme that came together almost too well. That was barely over three years ago, and it’s already in such a short amount of time that not only has the mastermind behind Untamed Land become so much more in every aspect, but it’s single-handedly with this record that we get what will surely become a pillar of this immensely niche sound in black metal.

Going into a record like this and expecting black metal with a little bit of a twist would be to go in with immense nativity. An undeniably large portion of everything that Untamed Land brings to the table here is black metal whose power cannot be put aside, but it’s literally everything else surrounding the five gorgeous tracks of “Like Creatures Seeking Their Own Forms” that we get what might very well be one of the standout efforts in the entire style that this year will have thrown our way by the end of it. The very defintion of adventure is sewn into every aspect of this record such that it beings an integral part of what’s been done here as not only does the listener get handed an utterly stunning work that covers everything that any of us might think of when we fathom all that the Old West was in all that it could’ve ever been but we get to see Untamed Land explore sonic territories the likes of which black metal rarely gets to visit if ever, and it would go without saying with even just a single listen of “Like Creatures Seeking Their Own Forms” that it should be all but evident that as a whole, this album is one that should absolutely shake virtually every corner of black metal upon its impending release. Black metal has long been a style that’s all but rife with innovation of all sorts for better or for worse depending on who you ask, but it’s when we get an album that’s even half of what’s delivered here do I find myself all but enamored by what has been crafted with the potential of Untamed Land being more sensational than ever, making me wonder just how far this single-man act can push such a niche sound beyond its already-glorious expanse.

A work of this caliber with the spirit, power, promise, daring, and beauty that’s even a portion of what Untamed Land has brought forth here would be enough to touch the very soul of listeners, making this effort, in particular, one that will undeniably move thousands should they let themselves be taken by the wind that the mastermind commands with the flick of his wrist as he brilliantly crafts an experience that could be likened to if Sojourner went Western or if Cortége went black metal. Regardless, I dare anyone to defy the majesty of “Like Creatures Seeking Their Own Forms” for if they do then they will surely find themselves stranded in the baking heat of the sun to be ended by either raw, bloodied hands or the very spirit of the realm seeking for the soul of tresspassers. For us who see the glory in this magnificent efforts, the West will open itself to us with so much beauty and wonder to be had while still having tempting secrets deep within its forests, rocks, and waters.

“Like Creatures Seeking Their Own Forms” releases on October 8th via Napalm Records!

LISTEN to singles from “Like Creatures Seeking Their Own Forms” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Untamed Land on Facebook here.

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