Mountain Caller – Chronicle: Prologue

In my humble opinion, there isn’t nearly enough instrumental metal out there. It absolutely confounds me why that’s the case for if we were to look at instrumental rock we would see a sprawling soundscape that touches on every corner of the style as well as the imagination, and I cannot help but feel that in many circumstances metal would effortlessly be able to do the same. Whether we’re talking about the solo work from Ola Englund or the recent work from Nahtram, there are more than enough examples to make a compelling case. Mountain Caller undoubtedly made an impression with their debut, but it’s with their new EP that they’ve started down a path of true glory.

Immediately, new Mountain Caller is good news. Their debut that came out not even a year ago, “Chronicle I: The Truthseeker”, saw this band creep into the scene where some truly observant excavators of the underground brought this act to light with many rejoicing in the band’s tantalizing instrumental take on progressive metal tinged with strong elements from doom with a psychedelic blanket for good measure. While that effort still certainly is something that should be heard, it’s with the successor album that’s the beginning in the chronological lore Mountain Caller is slowly building around themselves that we get three tracks that cannot be considered anything other than stunning, shining gold. The mind is left to wander this fictional desert as Mountain Caller does nothing but enchant for the whole of “Chronicle: Prologue” as we are given the groundwork for their voiceless epic that not only provides us with some more glorious musicianship, but we can see that in no time at all this English trio has grown almost exponentially since they first came to us in November of last year to provide us with a vastly compelling EP that is the very definition of mystifying. There’s real magic at work here as the visions of the awesome work can be completely different going from the mind of one listener to another, but it’s for the whole of this gripping effort that Mountain Caller keeps our undivided attention whether we’re looking towards the very ending of the world or being set on a journey the likes of which there will be no turning back from.

Regardless of the visage, it’s the pure aural mastery that will certainly keep the masses coming back to Mountain Caller’s campfire to not just hear the story progress but to witness the excellence of this unique form of heaviness that we very rarely get to see. To fall into all that “Chronicle: Prologue” holds is to find yourself at the literal start of an epic that anyone would be foolish to pass on, and I can assure you that no matter what Mountain Caller dishes out in the future that I’ll be around to get a good helping of every single time.

LISTEN to “Chronicle: Prologue” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Mountain Caller on Facebook here.

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