Acid Magus – Wyrd Syster

There are plenty of flavors and tones that can be associated to the mysterious world of psychedelic doom for all the right reasons with the style rarely being one that fails to deliver in any form as the listener can be subjected to some truly rare forms of heaviness and atmospheric glory that we simply don’t get to see often by any means. From Zaum to Inter Arma, psych-doom can be slapped onto a true menagerie of different acts, but it’s not often that we get a band that fits the style to a tee. With their debut, it feels as though Acid Magus set out to do just that in exemplary fashion.

It’s plenty often that the we see acts from all over the world of doom dip into the realm of the occult for a bit of flair that really adds a special flavor to their music especially if it’s a band trying to pull from the old school styles and all that they brought to the table, but it’s always been in the more psychedelic regions of doom that the occult has had a home since the beginning even if it doesn’t thrive as much as it probably should. Whenever an example of such a work does come around, though, it tends to be a truly staggering work by many standards, and it’s undeniably with their debut that Acid Magus defied any and all expectations with every facet of “Wyrd Syster” being so much of what the world of psych-doom needs more of. We get our riffs which are delicious to say the least, but that’s easily far from the best aspect of this album as the whole of these seven tracks brought together bring forth a particularly interesting sense of heaviness that feels very much rooted in the classic vein while conducted by hands that have a modern understanding of the sound with the intent to still make it their own in the end which Acid Magus does to spectacular effect. Sprinkle in a good deal of mysticism and ancient power into those chords and beats helmed by an enchanting voice, how could any wandering traveler not find themselves all but enamored by all that “Wyrd Syster” puts forth in its occult vibe and intoxicating atmospheres?

This is the kind of material that I feel the misty world of psych-doom could always use more of for all that it brings to the table with druidic allure prevelant throughout the entirety of “Wyrd Syster” all played off gorgeously right unto the final fading notes. Acid Magus may not have set out to make themselves contenders for real quality across the world of doom, but it’s right out of the gate with their debut album that they have done no less than stun.

LISTEN to “Wyrd Syster” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Acid Magus on Facebook here.

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