Imperialist – Zenith

Space is by no means foreign territory for metal by any stretch of the imagination with virtually every corner of the genre being all but fascinated with the near-endless circumstances, beauties, and horrors that are to be found beyond the stars. With such imagination, though, not every band is able to deliver on such a premise for one reason or another with many simply not feeling like they can deliver a proper sci-fi experience and texture that really puts the listener in a position to feel the weight of blackholes backed-up by the power of supernovas. Imperialist had very little trouble accomplishing such a feat with their debut full-length three years ago, but it’s since then that they’ve honed their sound into something truly captivating.

It’s not always a raw power that can make such a staggering work like this come to life but the imagination fueled by competent songwriting is what really makes a sci-fi work become much more animated in several different ways, and it’s with their tasteful decision to leans towards the speed factor of their style that Imperialist immediately became a ferocious band to know with “Cipher” in 2018. A turn very easily could’ve been made in style as Imperialist took the next three years to create “Zenith”, but they decide to, instead, lean further into the foundations that they laid forth in this album’s predecessor with virtually every single aspect of this record being a wild improvement upon an already-striking sound that helps make this work such a treat from beginning to end. With longer compositions made more complex but somehow much more satisfying, Imperialist leaves no planet unconquered or star unharvested as it’s in each of these seven massive tracks, including the alluring intro, with their speedy brand of cosmic black metal that is all but fascinating to behold for all the colors and splendor that it brings to the table as we really start to see this band come into their own as a bonafide force to be reckoned with when we talk about the modern state of sci-fi black metal and all that it holds in its vast intergalactic reaches.

Even if we were to take out the sci-fi elements that are at the very core of Imperialist’s craft that they more than make work to their advantage, it would be a true task for anyone to deny the talent of this band as an all but immensely compelling act of black metal that’s just as voracious as it is uncompromising. “Zenith” is a damn-near perfect title for this creation as we see Imperialist comes to a zenith all their own as it’s with this seven tracks of cosmic intensity that is the very definition of stellar.

“Zenith” releases on November 26th via Transcending Obscurity Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Zenith” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Imperialist on Facebook here.

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