Owl Cave – Broken Speech

It’s from the insanely diverse realm of black metal that I will never cease to become enthralled whenever I see the word “experimental” tacked on, for it’s then that I can know for a fact that I’m in for something that will almost certifiably be its own creation without question. That’s not something many other styles can boast with experimental being almost overused in some occasions simply to catch the eyes, but it’s black metal alone that has always been engaging with incredibly few exceptions to what all it can bring to the table. On the debut from the one-man band of Owl Cave, I couldn’t have found a better, new example.

As if being experimental in nature wasn’t already something that could catch the eyes and lure in the ears of several potential listeners, it’s with the mammoth work of “Broken Speech” that we get a hell of a lot more than I think many of us would dare ever ask for out of a single release much less a debut. With absolute confidence in its craft and the artistic passion to match, the black metal that we’re given with this work travels down the rarely taken path of being instrumental that we almost never see out of this style with the whole of “Broken Speech” consisting of one, solid track made up of six distinct parts put together for a massive 43-minute epic that quite literally made me scramble in order to hear it. By all accounts, all of that in one effort would be enough to deter plenty of musicians and become a mess if put into the hands of people who couldn’t quite bring such majesty to life, but it really does feel like Owl Cave had virtually no problem whatsoever making everything that goes into “Broken Speech” come into our reality in staggering detail. It makes for a truly unique black metal experience the likes of which we rarely get especially in such exquisite detail with the very fact that this is the very debut from Owl Cave makes this a beyond-exceptional work for all that it accomplishes right out of the gate, and I would be stunned to see anyone deny this band as a prospect as one of the most intriguing bands in all of experimental black metal which is already overflowing by all accounts.

A single pass of “Broken Speech” is not nearly enough to absorb every color, emotion, and thought that’s poured into these 43 minutes with every listen being more rewarding than the last, and it’s even after listening to this grand work for hours on end that I still cannot help but feel immensely compelled by everything that we get all the way to the final, fading moments of this debut. It’s without being one bit phased that Owl Cave throws down one hell of a performance that is far more than anything I could’ve expected prior to hitting the play button for this wondrous album, and I can’t help but feel that no matter how stellar this work is that this is just the tip of the iceberg for what Owl Cave is truly capable of creating.

LISTEN to “Broken Speech” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Owl Cave on Facebook here.

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