Concrete – Ethereal Atrocities

There’s a reason why death metal in its purest form is still alive and very much well in our modern times of innovation and experimentation across every corner of the vast realm that metal has to call its own, and that’s simply because it works almost too well. To be able to put forth some straightforward intensity paired with clever riffage pulled off by competent musicians is to experience the very core of what death metal has always been, and no one could ever hope to deny it with how that spirit is still going fervently. With their fourth full-length album, and by no means the least of the bunch, it’s Bulgaria’s Concrete that still keeps the sound enthralling and vicious to a tee.

In the vast underground that metal has ascertained over the years, repetition is all but inevitable in some form or another. What’s the key difference between repetition and straight-up copying, however, comes ultimately in the form of passion from the act at hand. If there’s real soul and intent put into the music, then the music takes on a personality all on its own even if musically it does virtually nothing new or different whatsoever which is true for a vast swathe of death metal including Concrete and all that they put forth in “Ethereal Atrocities”. In no small way, everything that is brought forth in these nine tracks of undeniable devastation of what death metal has always been right from the beginning is just the very tip of what Concrete has made here with the simple approach to this work being stupendously effective and even more true to the vicious calculation that the style started out with. A tremendous pace throughout the whole of this creation makes the record feel just as exhilarating in its delivery as it is punishing in its spirit make the whole of “Ethereal Atrocities” something that must be heard by any and all brands of death metal fans across the world without exception for Concrete has made something that has all the makings of a certified great find out of the endless underground.

Normally, someone would find a record like this boring and unimaginative, but its the raw fervor that Concrete puts into this work that makes it a lot of fun to listen to even if it feels like I’ve heard it in slightly different forms from dozens of bands and albums that have come before. That absolutely detract from the quality and enjoyment that’s to be had out of “Ethereal Atrocities”, but Concrete’s passion overflows through every note and growl to make this record engaging right to the very end where many others fail to create something even half of what these nine pieces of unforgiving intensity lay down.

“Ethereal Atrocities” releases on September 25th via Rebirth the Metal Productions!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Ethereal Atrocities” on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube below.

LIKE Concrete on Facebook here.

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