Malgöth – Glory Through Savagery

When metal goes into its more extreme forms, we can always expect it to take that all the way without hesitation to create an aural onslaught that is no less than oppressive in even the smallest moments should we get any. Bands like Triumvir Foul are always the first that comes to my mind when considering the most intense metal that I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing in recent years, but it was with their debut last year that Malgöth put forward their EP that was definitely promising. “Promising” as in I knew they could make something out of their sound, but there was little that could’ve prepared me for the mass devastation that they threw down with their aptly named first full-length, “Glory Through Savagery”.

With two-thirds of this line-up being familiar to my ears in the form of Chasmdweller even before this album, I felt like I already had an idea of what I was in form with the knowledge that these guys have no problem going for the throat with a massive sound to back-up any wild claim of ferocity that they may have outside of their aural assaults. That rang true to a degree with Malgöth’s debut, “Primordial Dawn”, last year, but it is with absolutely everything about “Glory Through Savagery” that proves the bite from these guys may be exponentially more vicious than their bite for there isn’t a moment that doesn’t consist of Malgöth putting forth all of their presence, power, and primitive rage onto the listener such that you can physically feel these ten tracks slice and stabbing at your very eardrums. But the most important thing to remember about this album is simple but no less intimidating in its own right: this is not a refined album. This is not a carefully honed, sharpened work that strikes with precision much like a work of more “commercial” death metal might. Rather, “Glory Through Savagery” fully embraces its name with every track throughout the record but a rusty, blunt, serrated instrument of absolute torture whose damage does not stop at the moment of impact with Malgöth attacking us over and over again well after our souls have been damned to eternal fires with our bodies being pulverized to saturate the very earth as Malgöth trudges forth in blind fury from one pathetic soul to the next even well after this album has been silenced.

Very few works are able to deliver such a concept and still be a piece to enjoy by all accounts, and it’s with nothing less of extreme joy that I can consider Malgöth one that does it in absolute style with this being one of the most disturbing and pervasive works since the latest work from the aforementioned Triumvir Foul. In no small way, this is extreme metal born from the primitive bloodthirst that could only be found in the crude days of the Stone Age, and it’s for its utter entirety of “Glory Through Savagery” does not once let up or disappoint in anything that it brings to the table.

“Glory Through Savagery” releases on October 1st via Iron Bonehead Productions!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Glory Through Savagery” on Bandcamp here.

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