Thus Live Humans – Light of Ancient Times, Vol. 1

There are several corners and avenues for the wide realm of stoner rock to find itself going down with many not realizing just how many different sounds can be made from the extremely malleable style, and it’s through such wide diversity that potential is always high for one band to never quite sound the same as another. In the case of Thus Live Humans, it’s clear that they have their own sound with the threads of influence being able to be evidently traced back to some of the biggest names of the style, but it’s been obvious from the start that they absolutely have their own sound that isn’t ashamed of anything that comes to the table. With their brand new full-length, that couldn’t be any more apparent.

For me, the real beauty with albums like this from bands like Thus Live Humans really comes out of the pure simplicity of what we’re treated to for virtually the entire length of the album. That doesn’t mean that the seven tracks of the first volume of “Light of Ancient Times” are comparable to first-time musicians practicing out of their garage or basement, but, rather, a carefully made work that doesn’t go too fast as to get ahead of itself with energy that feels all but empty or a slow trudge that puts the listener to sleep with riffs abound and plenty of vibes from the world of stoner and desert rock. Thus Live Humans could’ve easily over-stretched themselves to make for a sound that doesn’t feel genuine to them, but they’ve stuck true to their guns that they really started to curate in last year’s record, “Dual Duality”, with these seven tracks really adding to the identity that this band has been slowly making for themselves over the years without a single moment of what’s offered here providing any detriment to their reputation or craft on any level. But that doesn’t mean they’re afraid to try to be bold. “Light of Ancient Times” has a hell of a finale with one of the band’s longest songs to date in an instrumental form that may very well be my favorite track from the French duo by far, really making itself out to be an epic and fitting finale to a flavorful record that has more than enough to offer for any fan of this style, casual or hardcore.

An album like this that still manages to work and feel as though it’s firing on all cylinders without being unnecessarily flashy or bombastic that detracts from the real soul that is to be had throughout every moment that’s given to us with “Light of Ancient Times, Vol. 1”. Whatever it is that they may have in store with the second volume of “Light of Ancient Times”, I have nothing but immense confidence in whatever it is that Thus Live Humans may bring to the table for even in its smallest of moments we’re granted nothing but quality.

LISTEN to “Light of Ancient Times, Vol. 1” on Bandcamp here.

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