Esoctrilihum – Urionhsol (Seven Demons)

If there were to be any single act from the entirety of the global underground network of metal that I could not get enough of, I don’t think it would be to anyone’s surprise that I’d pick Esoctrilihum as one of my absolute favorites. This French name has been constantly on my lists and in my ears for years now, and that’s still showing no sign of changing any time soon. With another masterpiece released this year in full-length form, it was an absolute delight for me to see another self-released EP come out much in the style of “F’htansg” around this time last year. Despite just three tracks, though, this has what might easily be one of my single favorite tracks from Esoctrilihum yet to call its own with everything about the rest being no less than expected from this name.

While the cover art is a stark change from what we’re typically used to seeing when we talk about Esoctrilihum, one cannot say that the simple promotional picture of the mastermind behind Esoctrilihum is not still in spirit for what his sound has always been. But, that’s not even the part that caught my attention before I even took a step into “Urionhsol (Seven Demons)”; it was the lengths of these songs. Each one longer than the last with the finale being a mystical 21-minute exploration through even more of Esoctrilihum’s labyrinthine dense mythos that we cannot ever hope to fully understand which makes it all the more alluring, and it’s in every way that Esoctrilihum makes every one of those minutes as dense and fascinating as any other work that we would find on a “typical” full-length from this act. “Urionhsol” could very easily be seen as a work that might not fit with the rest of the work from this band given these tracks are being released independently apart from the larger releases from Esoctrilihum that we’ve gotten at least yearly for the last four years, but that would be to greatly diminish the power and grandeur that’s to be found within these three glorious pieces. While it may be a mere morsel in comparison to something like “Eternity of Shaog” or “Dy’th Requiem for the Serpent Telepath”, “Urionhsol” is not to be underestimated for all that it brings to the table. This is a real treat for all of us fans of this act for all that it accomplishes and the new ideas that it puts into our brains for what Esoctrilihum is really capable of, and I cannot get the thought of a single-song Esoctrilihum album out of my head for all that chaos and beauty that would entail for such an ambitious creation.

Very few acts are able to remain as consistent or relevant as Esoctrilihum across the whole of the underground while still having an air that is very much indicative of the underground where the band really does feel like a one of a kind find that we can’t compare to many other names out there, if any. “Urionhsol (Seven Demons)” may slip underneath many peoples’ radar for not being a big full-length effort put out by the always staggering I, Voidhanger, and I cannot help but find sympathy for those people that’s almost immediately washed away by contempt for anyone who thinks any single work from this band is not worth investigating for one reason or another. For it’s in every way, Esoctrilihum has yet to disappoint.

LISTEN to “Urionhsol (Seven Demons)” on Bandcamp here.

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