Eteritus – Rotten Transition

The eternal reaches of the deep underground that death metal calls its home has never once failed to produce a work that isn’t worthy of the occasional investigation for one reason or another. Poland has been on one hell of a roll lately in all departments when it comes to the extreme ends of metal, but it’s death metal in particular that we’ve seen the country create something really spectacular displays of devastation the likes of which cannot be denied. Eteritus is not the newest band to come across my ears, but it’s with their latest work that they’ve certainly made one of the most attention-grabbing.

While it was with their debut full-length that brought me onto the very name of Eteritus five years ago, I’d be lying if I said that I had been keeping my eye on what this band has been dishing out in that time since. With only one full-length between then and now that flew under my radar, that makes the wild increase of quality, power, and utter devastation of what all goes on here within their third album all the more tantalizing to me. Hardly anytime is wasted before Eteritus starts their brutal march forward with the nine tracks of “Rotten Transition” being an uncompromising in every form from its massive riffage to the raw satisfaction element that flows right into the straight bludgeoning that takes place in virtually every minute of this record that makes it not only an as-to-be-expected work of death metal, but one that’s all but enrapturing for all that it executes in grand fashion. The sheer amount of perverse melodies mixed with a tremendous sense of power is brought to the table with a metric ton of gusto by Eteritus who do nothing short of immense justice for all that death metal can do in some of its most vicious forms without taking notes out of other styles. It’s such that I cannot help but look at “Rotten Transition” as a whole and see it as a pure death metal experience that anyone who considers themselves even mildly interested in death metal should find themselves diving into in order to see what a proper band of this kind is able to deliver, and it should be before the end of even the second track that any doubt of this band’s quality should be instantly eviscerated.

There are many corners of the underground that span across Europe with Scandinavia, Greece, and Britain all having more than well-established bastions while countries like Spain, France, Italy, and Ireland are slowly coming to the forefront, but Poland is one that delivers metal of such caliber that it demands to be held in high regards by the global scene with Eteritus being a tremendous example of what it can bring forth albeit just a single name. In every single way, Eteritus has brought nothing but extreme glory to their name with all that they’ve accomplished within the pulsating halls of moaning flesh that is “Rotten Transition”.

“Rotten Transition” releases on September 24th via Godz ov War Productions!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Rotten Transition” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Eteritus on Facebook here.

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