The Misery Men – Devillusion

We’ve all been in the place where we are driving along to some rock music that feels damn near perfect for the drive with the tunes, breeze, and warmth of the sun all coming together to create a one of a kind euphoria that only the best of rock acts are able to deliver even half well. Any band that’s able to achieve that is able to successfully tap into one of the greatest parts of rock music with the intoxication factor always being a big part of the performance. With their third effort, The Misery Men definitely shows they understand that all the way to the end with virtually every minute of this record embodying that brilliantly.

It’s oftentimes that a simplistic approach can be the most effective, but that doesn’t make it any easier to tackle especially if it’s put into the hands of those who don’t know how to properly handle the material. When we’re talking about The Misery Men, however, it needs to be understood that these guys absolutely know what they’re doing, the sound that they work best with, and how to deliver it with real talent and power brought by each and every musician to make for a more than respectable work of rock. In no small way, they exceeded at doing such with their upcoming album, “Devillusion”. With plenty of riffs abound and tremendous blending of grunge into their cool, calm, and calculated brand of rock, it’s in all eight of these tracks that The Misery Men not only succeed where many others have fallen short, but they’ve also proceeded to keep that classic energy going strong for the whole of the record has a specific air to it that really pulls the listener in with immense ease to even further elevate the grandeur that’s on full display here in each track no matter be it original material or a very tasteful cover. While there are moments where “Devillusion” repeats itself more times than it probably should especially lyrically, that’s really the only misstep that could even be called a blemish upon what The Misery Men have crafted here with the end result being nothing short of a damn good time for any lover of rock new or old.

Very few things can compare to some quality rock that you can just take a ride with as the wind blows through your rolled down window on a sunny day, and it’s with their mid-tempo concoction that fantastically brought rock to the table with a tasteful grunge edge that The Misery Men have made an album that easily makes it one such work. The very essence of “Devillusion” is made to pull you into its eight riffy tracks, and it’s once you fall in that you’ll be hard-pressed to escape the clutches of this extremely competent band.

“Devillusion” releases on October 1st via Desert Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Devillusion” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE The Misery Men on Facebook here.

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