Wormwood – Arkivet

It’s no stretch of the imagination to say that the entirety of Scandinavia is one of the greatest bastions of metal that the world has ever and likely will ever see by far with it still producing some truly exemplary names. Wormwood is just one of the thousands, but they’ve been something special for years now. Despite still being a relatively new name to the scene with their first work releasing just six years ago, anyone would be remiss to not mention how far this Swedish band has come. On their third full-length effort, it’s possible we have their most compelling offering to date.

For me, Wormwood has become synonymous with what it means to blend the worlds of black and folk metal into a near-perfect performance that’s as deep as it is evocative for all that the band can achieve with such a sound, but they’re simultaneously more than that as they refuse to stay still when it comes to themes as well as how they can stretch it to pluck at the very heartstrings of the listener. It’s oftentimes that they lament on the destruction of nature and the beauty that is slowly slipping away, but it wasn’t until “Arkivet” that Wormwood takes it to another level altogether to make for a truly heartbreaking album that shows us the band with their extremely honed sound taken to fascinating lengths that makes it so that the listener finds it a true task to pull themselves away from. The whole of “Arkivet” is an utterly somber creation that’s as true to the very roots of its respective styles as it is the next step in Wormwood’s evolution as their sound is still proven to keep getting better and better with each release with what we’re given here effortlessly the band’s most compelling work that is even tear-jerking at times for all that it evokes out of the uncertain but bleak future we find ourselves taring into. They’ve created an immensely diverse album that’s as true to their sound as they’ve ever made as it’s a real blend of all they’ve ever crafted without any vein compromising its own quality to bolster that of another to really make “Arkivet” is a wonder to fall into and stay in for all it offers as we slowly return to the stars.

A record of this ilk isn’t nearly as often as it should be when it comes to bands attempting a creative blend like this, but the sheer magnitude of this creation simply can’t be done by a band that’s any lesser in any form than Wormwood which will always be a tall order. For the third instance in a row, Wormwood comes back around every two years to deliver a performance that can’t be considered anything less than one of the year’s best for all that it offers, and I’d be lying to you if I didn’t say that “Arkivet” was absolutely another qualifying opus.

LISTEN to “Arkivet” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Wormwood on Facebook here.

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