Monument of Misanthropy – Unterweger

Too often do I find myself drifting into the realm of brutal death metal and find myself actively enjoying what is put before me, making it one of the very few styles of metal that admittedly I still find myself a little apprehensive with. The focus tends to be too much on creating an ultimate, pulverizing sonic assault that leaves the listener nothing but a mound of bloody flesh without even once taking into consideration the slightly more musically nuanced factors of death metal. But, that doesn’t mean every band fails to achieve to really make the sound all that it can be. With their forthcoming effort, Monument of Misanthropy doesn’t just deliver but they expel virtually everything that someone like me has come to attach to the world of brutal death metal.

It’s without even listening to a single second of this monstrous creation that any of us should be able to look at this work and know for an undeniable fact that we’re in for a work that’s not only unyielding in its thirst for blood, but it will be the very definition of uncompromising in every factor. To really lose yourself in the murderous, haunted woods that Monument of Misanthropy inhabited to craft this harrowing performance is to find yourself in the midst of pure evil the likes of which this particular branch of death metal loves to adopt time after time, but it’s not nearly often enough that we get an experience as calculated as what’s put forward in “Unterweger” that results in a true bloodbath that embodies all that can and should be glorious about this style with the quality and mastery only to be applauded for all the glory that this exceptional band achieves at every turn. Where many would give into the homicidal themes that ultimately make for not much more than a real mess of music that can very well be the epitome of what it means to go for the throat, Monument of Misanthropy does no less than capitalize on every given moment to offer us a crushing and gripping listen of extreme brutality the likes of which we simply do not get often with the very essence of “Unterweger” absolutely being something to instill fear into those who dare to go before it.

The level of calculated hostility executed aggression that’s spread all throughout “Unterweger” makes it a true tour de force of all that brutal death metal can and should be to the point where I’m almost shaking at the prospect of discovering more material like this even if what I find is just half of what this massive 12-track creation brings to the table. Incredibly few bands in my experience have been able to bring this level of devastation with the truly spectacular craftsmanship that is more than capable of delivering something that cannot be denied by all that hear it, and that’s just the very tip of the bloody knife that Monument of Misanthropy wields with a real murderous intent with no less than deadly competency.

“Unterweger” releases on November 12th via Transcending Obscurity Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Unterweger” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Monument of Misanthropy on Facebook here.

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