Profeci – Aporia

It’s impressive what difference a mere year can be for a band. That’s all it takes to go from being newcomers on the scene to becoming a name that must not be underestimated as the band in question transforms their sound to something bewildering. Now, of course, that’s a rare scenario at best. When I first discovered Profeci with their debut album in February of last year, I never once dared to dream they’d quickly rise to the occasion to be such a band that doesn’t just bewilder but eviscerates. On just their second offering, Profeci has made themselves a name that needs to be watched.

With their still strong debut, Profeci threw down an album that was nothing to be scoffed at with real power and typical black metal tenacity to be had in every track with tons of different sounds to be had that made it a certifiably interesting listen at the very least. To really blow expectations out of the water with a follow-up would be to turn the dial up to eleven and deliver a work that is as monolithic as it is intoxicating which I would’ve thought was a long shot. With that being the bar set, that makes the undeniable reality of “Aporia” the very definition of staggeringly awe-inspiring! The isn’t a single feasible second of what Profeci has carefully crafted here that I would dare change for any possible reason with every decision that’s made allowing for the record to really take on a life of its own with a spirit that can only be likened to a black flame the likes of which really washes over the listener that becomes the sort of black metal that is nigh on addicting. There’s so much power and an unstoppable thirst for flesh that penetrates the absolute entirety of this record that on the surface it doesn’t make “Aporia” stand out from the crowd, but to immerse yourself in this grand work of occultism is to find yourself trapped in the snares that Profeci has made with staggering craftsmanship to the point that after listening to this opus for nearly half of today, I’m still finding it difficult to find the words to properly describe all that has been brought forth here.

It’s a bold statement for me to say but I simply must: this is a work that must be heard in order for any of us to say without a doubt that is one of the best and most alluring black metal performances that we’re to get throughout the entire year, and I’ll be outraged if I don’t see the name of Profeci at the very least peppered across many end-year lists when recounting some of the best that 2021 has delivered. There’s so much to be had within the vast halls that “Aporia” holds dominion over, and I can’t help but feel I’ll be wandering this labyrinth for years to come.

“Aporia” releases on September 24th via Godz ov War Productions!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Aporia” on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube below.

LIKE Profeci on Facebook here.

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