Profane Desecration – Abysmal Stillness

A debut that manages to send chills down the spine is, without doubt, one of the best things any of us could stumble across in the vast underground. It’s always a momentous occasion to find brand new talent of any style that immediately starts out their reputation with an absolute banger of a record that can stand toe-to-toe with what many other acts of its kind take years to achieve. Right from the very cover art, Profane Desecration starts out on an extreme note that immediately captures your attention but it barely holds a candle to the evisceration they put forth in their death metal.

Any band can come across into the world of death metal and put forth a work that’s the very definition of bludgeoning to barely qualify as a creation of the style that holds even a grain of truth to what the sound can really make itself out to be, but it takes an exceptional act to make a sound that’s an unapologetically massive it is carnivorous in its very songwriting. Profane Desecration is a damn near perfect match for such a description, and you could pick any of the eight tracks that make up their massive debut, “Abysmal Stillness”, to name as the best one of the entire album with every one of them just as worthy as the last. While being the very epitome of what it means to be unyielding in your brutality, Profane Desecration quickly sets themselves apart from being mindless barbarians that just want to see blood splashed into the dirt, but, rather, they strive for a torturous listen that maximizes every second it’s given the delivery is a vicious performance that’s drenched in riffs, visceral imagery, and powerful artillery in the way of utterly stunning death metal the likes of which very few other contemporaries of their ilk are able to even hold a candle to, making the very spectacle of “Abysmal Stillness” all the more of one. The very existence of this work is something that’s not to be underestimated, and it’s in every given moment that Profane Desecration proves their worth ten times over to make this debut a real marvel that demands to be mastered by those who dare to enter this haunted, gore-riddled tomb.

The underground has been and will always be loaded with worthwhile debuts, but it’s with works like “Abysmal Stillness” that one cannot help but look at all that the work puts forth and call it anything less than utterly fascinating right from the beginning. This is so much of what death metal has been made out to be for those of us who are constantly excavating for the best of all that the style can hold in its seemingly endless depths, and it’s only with bands like Profane Desecration that I don’t think we’ll be running out of such glory to search for any time soon.

“Abysmal Stillness” releases on September 24th via Godz ov War Productions!

LISTEN to “Abysmal Stillness” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Profane Desecration on Facebook here.

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