Mofsed – Noesis

To swim through the vast and practically endless ocean of all that death metal can be in its current form is to lose yourself in a style that can effortlessly swallow you whole before you even have time to realize it. I’ve been trapped in that dark ocean for years now, but I still manage to stumble across the same bands every so often which offers a great perspective as well as seeing how each band grows with every release. Mofsed is a name that absolutely qualifies as such, and it’s with their latest EP that they’ve made a substantial step forward even if it isn’t anything mind-blowing.

I still firmly remember that it was with their debut just over two years ago that Mofsed was able to deliver a sound that was equal parts inviting in all that it brought forward while simultaneously being the opposite of anything new to the ears of anyone who has lost themselves in the proverbial ocean that is modern death metal. That being said, it’s the simple fact that Mofsed was still able to make for an interesting listen despite not pushing any sort of boundary that I still feel that the band is worthy of investigation, and that proves to be no different with the scant four tracks we’re offered for “Noesis”. Where this work doesn’t quite deliver in the raw quantity of new material, it makes for it a good bit by showing us just how much Mofsed has really come to hone their particular sound in the last few years to offer us a work of death metal that’s varied to a very respectable degree with Mofsed very much being death metal at the forefront of their sound, but it’s in no way limited to that as a whole. Throughout “Noesis” we get a continuation of the injection of thrash and even heavy metal aspects that made me intrigued with the name of Mofsed in the first place and it’s with the clear tweaking as well as refinement with the gift of time that the band has taken their sound to new heights that make them even more interesting to someone like me, and I can’t help but feel that there’s a dedicated following of enthusiastic divers of death metal’s deepest depths waiting to latch onto all that’s offered by Mofsed and this work.

It’s too often that people feel a small band really needs to make their new material hit the ball right out of the park in order to make for a listen that’s worth diving into, but I can’t disagree with that anymore with bands like Mofsed being all the evidence I could ever need to disprove such a wild statement. Surely, “Noesis” is not all that Mofsed is able to muster with all that they’ve shown themselves capable of creating, but that in no way discredits or undermines all that this tasteful EP brings to the table.

LISTEN to “Noesis” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Mofsed on Facebook here.

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