A Pale Horse Named Death – Infernum In Terra

To consider any band that’s tackled the dreary and fashionable world of gothic doom, you simply cannot go a few feet in the modern soundscape without at least mentioning the very name of A Pale Horse Named Death. There are plenty of reasons to name this band as noteworthy without even considered what they’ve accomplished as a unit in just three albums across nine years since the band’s inception, but that would be to do a great service to what they’ve all accomplished together and the influence they’ve had. Without a doubt, every release from them has been something to investigate, and I refuse to hear their forthcoming opus of pure mastery is any different.

This is absolutely one of those records that I feel many of us see coming and just consider it an open-and-shut case when it comes to wondering if it’s going to be worth our time or not because of course, it is! A Pale Horse Named Death has been arguably the premier act of gothic doom that we’ve gotten in the last decade with extremely few if any bands being able to come around to challenge them on that throne. With the world on the edge of even more uncertainty, an album from them feels almost perfect to match the mood and really get us lost in a sound that’s as comforting as it is harrowing. Without compromisation or decreasing in any area to allow for accessibility, it’s the utter entirety of “Infernum In Terra” that stands as what could be the band’s most accomplished album to date which I realize is saying a whole lot. However, it’s in every possible inch of what we’re gifted with this record that A Pale Horse Named Death not only furthers the excellence that they’ve laid forth on their previous records all to tremendous effect, but it’s undeniably with the massive 11-track runtime that this album boasts that we’re gifted a wide swathe of everything that gothic doom can and should be from how simply gripping it is, how immensely evocative the atmospheres are with the impeccable musicianship, and the soul-touching emotions that run throughout every given second and note of “Infernum In Terra” that give the record much more than what can simply be labeled as spirit or personality. In essence, this work has a pulse all its own that only a band of this caliber could only ever hope to bring to life, and it’s without a flicker of a flaw that A Pale Horse Named Death has delivered to us what will surely be the most compelling work of its kind that we’re to get this year and likely until whenever they release more material.

This is a work that’s all but destined to cause some serious waves across its respective scenes and likely beyond for all that’s accomplished within the confines of this titanic work, and I can thankfully rest easy knowing that not only with the name of “Infernum In Terra” finds its way into the cars and ears of many fans across the globes when it comes out but it will surely stay relevant for years to come. A Pale Horse Named Death hasn’t needed an introduction for some time now, yet it’s despite that reality that fans will find their brains melting out of their ears once they hear the mastery of this masterful band whether or not they’re newcomers or veterans to the powerhouse.

“Infernum In Terra” releases on September 24th!

LISTEN to singles from “Infernum In Terra” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE A Pale Horse Named Death on Facebook here.

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