Heads for the Dead – Slash’n’Roll

There truly is no shortage of greatness when it comes to horror media and all that it has inspired to grace our ears, eyes, and everything else in spades to offer us macabre morsels that are fascinating to say in the least. Heads for the Dead has been capitalizing on that since their debut barely two years ago, and it’s with tremendous talent to back everything up in the form of three well-established metal veterans who continue to deliver with this just being one of many projects from them. Regardless of that, Heads for the Dead has never once been lacking when it comes to power and exhilarating material, and it’s with their first EP that they still refuse to compromise.

It’s no stretch to say that Heads for the Dead is a straightforward band that doesn’t really waste time in immense technicality or watering down their music for effect or to achieves some sort of atmosphere that can do justice for the horror legends that many of us are well-acquainted with. Rather, Heads for the Dead specializes at just going for the throat, and I couldn’t think of a better way to describe “Slash’n’Roll”. Between the five tracks that we’re gifted for this formidable EP, three original works and two insanely tasteful covers, there isn’t a single minute that I can’t help but feel that it’s for the third year in a row that Heads for the Dead has unequivocally delivered brand new material that’s not only a glorious riff machine like few others, but it’s a real slab of death metal that many can only ever hope to produce in such concentrated quality with the undeniable quality of the band due to their outside experience just being the tip of the iceberg here. It’s damn near effortless to become sucked into the whirlwind that this band commands with the staggering aptitude to make “Slash’n’Roll” not only well-crafted but utterly masterful in its execution without exception but an uncompromising work of true death metal that pays nothing but the ultimate homage to some of the greatest works of horror in many different forms from the cover art to the cover songs to honoring the very themes of hallmark films like Halloween and The Thing (the John Carpenter masterpiece, of course) that make “Slash’n’Roll” a real sight to behold for any fan of the genre.

This is just the exact kind of EP that we should come to expect from the likes of Heads for the Dead for all that it brings to the table and has absolutely no trouble in its delivery, yet that doesn’t make what we get here any less gratifying or utterly tantalizing. Every facet of “Slash’n’Roll” has more than enough for any of us to sink our teeth right into without hesitation or worry about being left unsatisfied with the only thing left in the wake of this vicious EP is a still twitching corpse left unrecognizable in every form.

“Slash’n’Roll” releases on November 5th via Transcending Obscurity Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Slash’n’Roll” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Heads for the Dead on Facebook here.

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